Cecil’s Final Roar

The killing of Cecil the Lion demonstrated the reality of “Big Five” trophy hunting, and struck a chord with the world’s conscious.

The fact is that trophy hunting is not only legal, but encouraged in countries as a means of making money. As the adage goes “Money Talks”.

With public criticism and disdain for the hunts,  money is undoubtedly the bottom line with the recent decisions of seven major airlines, who declared they will no longer transport animal parts on their flights.  No airline wants to be seen as complicit in the practice.

This is an example of how public opinion and pressure can fuel change. YOUR voice, YOUR choices do have an impact.

This is a major victory, and we commend the following airlines for taking a stand:

thank you airlines

Photo: Lobby for Lions

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3 thoughts on “Cecil’s Final Roar

  1. kimribbink

    It would be worth adding Emirates to that list, but worth noting they did this in May, following South African Airways’ move. SA Airways then rescinded (after pressure from the hunting lobby) but Emirates kept the ban to the best of my knowledge. Hopefully South African Airways will be pressured to reinstate the ban.

    • Yes! SA Airways should be feeling the heat by now (especially since they could’ve set the precedent; but instead caved).

  2. ravenskeeper

    Reblogged this on Ravens-Tree.com and commented:
    Cecil – an icon in life and an icon in death. May the world rise up and end this carnage of all animals. Well done those airlines, may shipping companies follow suit!

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