The Key to stop Rhino Poaching

In a recent article, a frustrated prosecutor in South Africa made a comparison that rhino poaching cases are treated similarly to shoplifting cases.

Prosecutor Ansie Venter has been working poaching cases in the heart of rhino country for six years. With a high conviction rate, things should be looking up. But instead Venter says “I think it’s still getting busier by the day, but our hands are virtually tied”.

Last December there were 38 poaching cases in the court in just one day in Skukuza!

poached mom rhino with baby near

Rhino poached , her baby orphaned-a familiar scene in South African parks.

South Africa IS the epicenter of the rhino poaching war, but does not have specific legislation designed to address rhino poaching. To say laws need to be strengthened and government needs to become more focused is an understatement. But when the DEA (Department of Environmental Affairs) refuses to even release poaching stats, due to being “too busy”, the incompetence leaves little hope of change from the current party.

In addition to stiffer sentences, Terri Stander, the shadow Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, believes this:

Terri Stander

Terri Stander

“I believe there are three key areas (to stop poaching):

1. Intelligence needs to be strengthened to disrupt organised crime syndicates
2. There needs to be a concerted focus on demand reduction campaigns in consumer countries
3. Communities surrounding National Parks need service delivery to create an environment for job creation, but also education/awareness campaigns that renew the lost value of being responsible for SA wildlife.”
A multi-faceted, huge mountain to tackle, but not impossible. There is much at stake with winning this war. As Stander puts it  “I see rhino as the face of all wildlife crime – if we can get it right with the rhino – we can get it right with everything else.”
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2 thoughts on “The Key to stop Rhino Poaching

  1. Kulkanda Pokasem

    Can’t we just shoot poachers on-site!!! Waste of time and money catching them over and over again, and cost of judiciary process, for feeding them in case they are jailed, etc. There are enough people in the world. We don’t need any useless beings ruining the world for the rest of us.

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