Where we stand

rhino graphi HR aug 2015

South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs has officially announced the latest poaching stats. The accuracy is debatable, considering their definition of poaching.

Rhinos killed whose horns were left intact are not part of the stats. Rhinos who survived, such as Hope and iThemba, are not part of the stats, and pregnant cows who were killed-the babies are not included in the stats.

Regardless, at this point the numbers are slightly down, and offer a glimmer of hope.

Much of this “success”, can be summed up best by Sam Ferreira, an ecologist at SANParks, “Poacher activities increased, but number of rhinos killed per day has not. That’s the difference rangers make.”
They ARE the lifeline for our rhinos.

For our part in the poaching war, this remains-we will persevere and continue to look for and support the best combined efforts to fight for the future of rhinos. We will be off to South Africa shortly to meet with our other members of the Rhino Alliance, as well as others to take inventory on current projects and explore possibilities for future ones.

We cannot stress how deeply we appreciate your continued support in our endeavors. Without the generosity and heart of individuals like you, we cannot do what we do!

Stay tuned for updates when we return!

rhino and oxpecker close up michael moss

Photo: Michael Moss


Fight_for_Rhinos_2_3                                                                     Endelea Kupigana! (keep fighting)


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5 thoughts on “Where we stand

  1. ravenskeeper

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    Please help to spread the word, and help to save these magnificent sentient and much abused animals

  2. ravenskeeper

    Just found your reblog button! So apologies for previous request. 🙂

    • Good! I was just trying to figure out why you couldn’t-thanks for letting us know 😉

      • ravenskeeper

        Habit I’m afraid. So used to the reblog button being at the top left hand side of the header, didn’t occur to me it might be placed elsewhere! So important we eradicate this mindless and ignorant savagery, I just hope it won’t be too late and that the abundant Rhino’s I grew up with as a child will still be there for ever and a day. What’s happening in Africa to ALL the wildlife is devastating to watch, I remember the best of it. The whole world should be standing on their feet and ending this devastation; they have no idea of the value of what is being wantonly destroyed in the name of greed and ignorance. I salute your efforts to make a difference. Peace to you and yours ravenskeeper.

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