Search for the Holy Grail

We’re off to South Africa, home of over 75% of the world’s remaining rhinos. Meetings, discussions, observations; and doing what every other passionate, serious rhino advocate is doing-searching for the holy grail.FFR donation pic

We’re all equipping our rangers, delivering milk to the orphans and trying to educate the masses; standing our ground, constantly searching for THE answer, “the game changer” solution to end the poaching once and for all.

Maybe there isn’t one. But from the APUs, the education campaigns and individual support, we are attacking the crisis from every angle, and we ARE having an impact.

  • In the latest survey in China, 24% fewer people believe rhino horn is a medicinal cure. Education IS working.
  • The number of rhinos poached outside of Kruger National Park has decreased.
  • There have been 51 more arrests than the same time last year.


It’s difficult to get past the photos of faceless, bloodied rhinos and see the hope. But it’s there, and it’s important we take note of it. Without the small steps of progress, this war would be over and not only the rhinos would have lost, but the other wildlife that are in line to be the next “medicine or trophy or status symbol”.

Of course we’ll still be searching for THE elusive final solution, but in the meantime we have our noses to the grindstone and continue to fight for each ranger, for every rhino, and for the preservation of our wildlife. We salute our fellow conservation groups, and are grateful for individuals who advocate for rhinos. Your support keeps the spark ignited, keeps the search going and keeps hope alive.

Keep the faith!

SA trip map

Our itinerary…




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