Look what you’re protecting!

Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya is the largest black rhino sanctuary in east Africa, and home to the last three Northern White Rhinos in the world. Their efforts in conservation for both species are critical to the future of rhinos.

Thanks to you, Fight for Rhinos has just been able to aid  Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s rhino needs once again.

Your donations  ($3080) have helped the teams ability to monitor and protect the rhinos within the conservancy by providing:

  • Rhino audit (to carry out an independent verification of individual rhinos on OPC) – USD 2000
  • Monitoring equipment – 6 GPS devices @ $ 180ea

Enjoy the following video of one of OPC,s longtime residents; Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhinos on the planet.

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4 thoughts on “Look what you’re protecting!

  1. 22years ago we went there on Honeymoon!!! We had a bush walk with Murani a rhino who was guarded by two armed Askari’s wi

  2. ravenskeeper

    Reblogged this on Ravens-Tree.com and commented:
    So sad that Sudan is the last male Northern White rhino on THE PLANET. Hang your head in shame all those responsible for this outrage…..devastating a species to extinction. Shame on you all – hunters, poachers,Leaders and governments of the world the greedy and those that consume and deal in the ignorance that a rhino’s horn has magical qualities. The rhino itself is the magic, and you all have combined your greed, ignorance, and inaction to bring all Rhinos to this! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, on you all. A curse on all your houses!

  3. Randall R.Caban

    Save the rare Northern White Rhinos. It’s a shame that greedy people has caused this.To know, Time is now a factor of having one of the most beautiful animals on Planet. Is soon to end.What a Shame Shame Shame to all who are responsible for this matter….I wish and hope and pray for the Rhinos….Aloha Arrivederci, 🙂 Randy

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