Mabuya the survivor

We wanted to share with you the story of resilience and survival this holiday season. Mubuya the rhino, has been beating the odds for most of her life, yet continues to persevere.

mabuya the blind rhino

Mabuya. photo: International Rhino Foundation

In 2005 while moving rhinos from an area overrun with poachers to a safer area in the Bubye Valley, a female rhino named Mabuya was tranquilized and readied for her move. The capture team immediately noticed scars indicating that she had been caught in a neck snare. Later, while drilling into her horn to place a tracking device, the veterinarian noticed an AK-47 bullet was lodged deep within her horn.

She had already survived TWO poaching attempts!

Three years later, Mabuya was in the midst of another attempted poaching.  This time when the team arrived at the crime scene, they discovered that Mabuya’s new calf had been killed. She and her sub-adult calf had survived.

Last year, Mabuya was discovered wandering blind and alone, separated from her sub-adult calf. She was quickly captured and brought in for medical attention. She had been shot through one eye and had a severe ulceration on the other. For days, a caretaker visited Mabuya to apply eye medicine and hand-feed her browse she had collected from the surrounding area.

During treatment, she miraculously gave birth yet again to a calf. This calf was later removed for hand rearing when he developed health issues.

Mabuya and baby

Mabuya and her baby. photo: International Rhino Foundation

Unfortunately, Mabuya never regained her sight. She was taken in for 8 months for closer monitoring and care. Then the decision was made to release her and let her have as normal a life as possible. She shares resources with other rehabilitated rhinos, and is monitored through her tracking chip regularly.

Thanks to our friends at the International Rhino Foundation for supporting Mabuya and the team who tirelessly care for her!


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6 thoughts on “Mabuya the survivor

  1. Bittersweet. Bless the animals. ❤

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  3. Janet Stoeppelmann

    Hello, TIsha,

    I applaud your wonderful humane work with rhinos. My husband and I also love them and I would like to do something for your organization other than just donate money (we are glad to do that as well.) I have a serious, possibly terminal illness, and I would like to volunteer to do whatever I can for you and that which is is within my power to do. My husband, Ken, and I run a K-6 charter school in Mesa, Arizona. My husband used to be a naturalist with the Phoenix Zoo and ran the zoomobile program there for 17 years. We met because I was volunteering at the zoo – all because of Kisi, a baby rhino. Let me know if I can be of assistance from a distance!

    Best wishes for the new year,

    Janet and Ken

    • Thank you Janet! Meeting over a baby rhino- can’t think of a more fantastic way to be brought together 😀 Please give me your email so I can more easily get back with you.

  4. Reblogged this on International Wildlife Bond and commented:
    An article describing the unending pressure poachers inflict on wildlife and survival against the odds.

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