Justice for Rhinos-PLEASE do your part!

With the recent tragedy at Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, the staff are doing their best to heal and pick up the pieces. There has been an outpouring of donations and support. Now we must be sure that justice is served. Please sign the following petition.

Justice for Thula Thula Rhino Calves


Even the outright horror of this recent attack hasn’t effected the South African governments intent to allow trade.

Although CITES is against it, evidence does not support it, and their so-called “legal” trade will only serve to fuel and mask the already illegal trade, Edna Molewa and the government are planning on going forward. Please sign this petition from the International Humane Society and voice your concern. This MUST not go forward!

Urge South Africa NOT to Trade in Rhino Horn

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Together, we must persevere in our pursuit of justice. Together, we must be the voice for the voiceless.


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15 thoughts on “Justice for Rhinos-PLEASE do your part!

  1. Reblogged this on My Blog.

  2. It is our responsibility to stop this carnage. We have to hunt for justice. We are the voice for rhinos, elephants and all wildlife. The demand MUST be stopped.

  3. Jana Talley

    Please stop
    Poaching and killing

  4. Candice Santora

    Justice for these senseless murders! These animals are sensitive, emotional and intelligent sentient beings. Their lives matter!

  5. A Cowan

    Whilst upset and disgusted at every incident if poaching, the recent callous act of cowardice and mindless violence towards other people and those animals that they were protecting made me feel sick to the core. Upset is too weak a word to describe my feeling. I cannot understand why man feels that it’s OK to kill another being for monetary gain.

  6. Michele walsh

    We must protect our endangered animals

  7. Miria

    Please stop the slaughtering & poaching of these beautiful animals. All wildlife deserve justice to continue to live & survive in the wild. If it continues to happen at an alarming rate wildlife as we know it will no longer exist.

  8. Kevin

    Justice for Rhinos

  9. Anitra Paddison

    How can you go ahead with this?! Ban this now! This is outright slaughter.

  10. Michelle miller

    Legalizing rhino horn will only add to their demise! NO TRADE!!!!!!

  11. Gregory de Sleskine

    The Chinese must stop their idiotic voodoo and pressure from all nations must be put on them to do so. African governments must now stop pandering to China. Laws on poaching must become ten times stricter, and no bail allowed for offenders. We find ourselves fighting a continual war to save our rhino, elephants, pangolins, abalone and other creatures and we need all the support we can get from government and the international organizations.

  12. Anja de Hart

    Please help those who can’t help themselves 😥

  13. Frida

    Stop the killing!

  14. Berenice Dutton

    This sickens me to the core

  15. shaynee fletcher

    Justice needs to happen . It sickens me and breaks my heart to hear what happened i hope and pray that all the evil people involved in what happened to the rhino at the orphanage will dye a horrific and painful death.

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