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5 Ideal Gifts for Wildlife Lovers and Nature Enthusiasts

If you have friends or family who love nature, there’s no better way to show them you care than a gift that reflects nature’s goodness. However, finding the right gift with a suitable theme is not as easy as it seems. And no, we’re not talking about generic coffee mugs and t-shirts that say ‘I love nature!’

The ideal gifts for nature lovers involve carefully hand-picked items that celebrate and encourage eco-friendly, animal-loving, and environmentally-friendly behavior. So, what kinds of gifts have this sentiment?

We’re glad you asked. Here are some of the best gifts for nature and wildlife lovers.

1. A Nature Journal

Whether it’s drawing a rare bird, penning down a poem, or maintain a list of all the insects you see, having the right nature journal makes all the difference. And The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling is the perfect gift for anyone willing to take up this habit.

It contains tons of guides, tutorials, illustrations, and descriptions of how to write a nature journal in the best possible way! This one’s for the artist, the dreamer, the poet, the writer, or simply someone who loves creative expression!

2. Premium Bat-house

While most people are appalled at the idea of having bats near you, wildlife lovers will try to create homes for them. And getting them a cozy bat-house is one of the best gifts you can give them.

My neighbor’s kid is fascinated with bats (No points for guessing which caped crusader is his favorite hero!) I got him an Applewood Outdoor Bat-house for his birthday, and his parents say it’s the first thing he runs to after coming home from school. It turned out to be a top Geschenke für einen 7 Jahre Alten Jungen, and it’s not surprising if you ask me!

3. Bird-house Camera

Do you have a friend or family who spends more time with a birdhouse than you think necessary? Get them a bird-house spy cam!!

The Hawk-eye Wireless Spy Cam is super easy to install, and it transmits all the images/video wirelessly to the receiver. So, they can monitor the nest, birds, and their behavior without leaving the house or disturbing the little creatures. Imagine the joy they get when they have the footage of the eggs hatching or the tiny birds taking their first flight.

Alternatively, you can have it installed in your dog house, chicken coop, or any other pet and livestock house. So, it’s really a multi-purpose camera for any animal lover.

4. Seeds of perennial flowers

Nature-lovers are very often gardeners too! And a great way to make their day is by giving them seeds of plants they may not have.

We’re not talking about everyday flowers that are in every garden (although they’re great too!). Instead, get them the seeds of some perennial wildflowers.

The HomeGrown Wildflower Seeds are easily available online, and they have a healthy variety of wildflower seeds. These flowers grow and bloom year-round with minimum care. So, they don’t have to go foraging into the woods or hike up a mountain just to see beautiful blue flax or the delicate baby’s breath.

5. An Aquatic mini-ecosystem

Ditch the regular aquariums and fishbowls. Your nature-loving friend probably already has one. Instead, go for a whole ecosystem in a container. Sounds impossible? The Small Sphere Bowl by a brand called EcoSphere offers precisely that!

It’s a completely enclosed bowl that fuses biology, marine science, and art all in one lovely little sphere. And it doesn’t come with the fish-feeding responsibilities of an ordinary aquarium. The marine shrimp and algae in the sphere survive easily. All you do is ensure that the temperature stays between 60-80 and there’s adequate illumination.