Save The Rhinos

Some Ideas To Save The Rhinos

At the dawn of the 20th century, there were almost half a million rhinos in Africa and Asia, and this number fell to 70,000 by the year 1970. It became 29,000 in the wild in 2020. This is because of large-scale sporting which is now officially illegal. The rhinoceros is now officially critically endangered, and it is in a dramatic decline from 65,000 black rhinos to just 2300. Even though this number has increased slowly in the last few years, they are very much at risk. Critical endangerment is very dangerous, and it means that this population can dwindle at any time. The demand for the rhinoceros horn in China and Vietnam continues to grow, and we should be looking at saving them. There is a possibility that there are going to be no wild rhinoceros in Africa by next year. A lot of techniques have been used to keep the rhinoceros safe, but they still dwindle.

In this guide, I am going to talk about some ideas to save the rhinoceros, so that it does not become another extinct species, because of the greed of humanity.

Rhino HELP

I am sure you are asking yourself how you can save the rhinoceros. One of the first things we can try is dying the horns of the rhinoceros pink. We can even try poisoning the horn with cyanide. A lot of people have actually tried inserting a camera into the horn to see who is hunting the rhinoceros. Some more people have actually tried de-horning the rhinoceros so that poachers can look at it and just leave it be because it does not even have a horn. Well, the rhinoceros is basically hunted, because of its horn. The horn of the rhinoceros is worth a lot of money indeed. There have been a lot of anti-poaching patrols in Africa, and a lot of them have worked.

A lot of people have actually tried physically lifting the animal with the help of a helicopter and placing it in an area that is safe from human greed. They have also tried introducing a couple of males and females, so that they can increase the population.

A lot of people are also being taught in African schools that the rhinoceros needs to be saved. Even the safaris are educating the tourist of how critically endangered the rhinoceros are.


Billionaires have even contributed millions of dollars so that they can save the rhinoceros.

The rhino is definitely a wonderful animal, and it deserves our compassion and our love. We should do everything we can to save it, because it is a beautiful beast and it does not deserve to be extinct.

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