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Mark middleton perspective

Mark Middleton’s “Perspective”

Perspective 1 artprize

Perspective 2 artprize

About the art: The rhino in the zebra’s eye demonstrates the beauty and need to preserve this highly threatened species due to poaching. The stripes of the zebra represent the black and white rhino species.  The rusted corrugated tin represents poverty in Africa, which drives the madness of poaching. My hope is that people observe the piece and are intrigued and feel compelled to explore the meaning behind “Perspective.”

This stunningly detailed work of art was created in acrylic by South African born Mark Middleton. It placed in the top 5 ArtPrize competition of 2014.

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Rhino Art – Don’t Miss Out!


This stunning masterpiece was painted by Devon Wildlife Artist and Conservationist, Eleanor Ludgate – this has been exclusively painted for Helping Rhinos and is truly unique!  Want to own it? Join Helping Rhino’s online auction TODAY, SEPT 9!


This painting of former South African president Nelson Mandela was painted by acclaimed South African artist Mary Fowlds .

Paintings and more prizes are up for grabs in the auction. Proceeds will benefit the Rhino Art UK competition. The funds will go directly to paying for 3 students and 1 teacher from the UK to attend the inaugural World Youth Rhino Summit on the 21st to 23rd of September this year.

The World Youth Rhino Summit will be a focused gathering of 100 young conservation leaders aged 15-17 years from South Africa, other African countries affected by rhino poaching, consumer countries in Asia, and other representative counties. Delegates, educators, and conservation leaders, will be brought together at the symbolic iMfolozo Game Reserve to directly address the current rhino poaching crisis and develop resolutions needed to stop rhino poaching.

Bidding starts today and closes Sept 16th. Helping Rhinos online auction




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Simple Contentment

rhino drawing by David Joyner

elephant drawing by david joynerThese beautifully detailed pencil drawings are by: David Joyner


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Rhinoplasty by john graingerby: John Grainger, Cape Town (thank you Liz Goumas)

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Touching Moment

???????????????????????????????Dr Will Fowlds with Thandi: by Heather Perrine Shreve

I’m excited to share this poignant piece, acyrlic by Ms. Shreve. She is an author and artist, and recently released her book Caught on the Equator, Finding the Fire Within

Heather Shreve’s Studio

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Rhino Blues

african_blue_rhino_aceo_by_mandarinmoon-d1hoorgThis beautiful rhino was made in watercolor and ink by Chris Kapono

For more from Chris:

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Detailed Beauty

Debbie le roux rhino drawingInk Drawing by: Debbie Le Roux

Please continue to send in your beautiful works of art and poetry. I love sharing our rhino passion with everyone! It’s amazing how talented people are.

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Beautiful Pembe

karenmoorhouse 2

This beautiful fabric painting was created by Karen Moorhouse. Her inspiration, Pembe, is the baby rhino born at  the Colchester Zoo in the UK. Her name means “horn” in swahili.

The intricate symbolism is as follows:

Bees: Refer to research which has shown that bees can be trained to detect substances like rhino horn, which can help curb poaching. Bees can be taught to associate the rhino smell with sugar water and have a powerful sense of smell. They are easier and cheaper to transport to border posts where they can be used to detect smuggled rhino horn.

Bow-arrow: The hunter (originates from the Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert expressing daily routines on rock art) represents the past needs for hunting for survival purposes. Nowadays hunting is no longer necessary and therefore the hunter aims outward.

Warthogs: Represents a wider perspective of other animals living in harmony within an ecosystem.

Ants: Ants are known to be hard workers and emphasize team work and cooperation between humans and nature.

Daisy: The daisy is iconic of Britain, and the presence of the daisy in the design therefore links to a female rhino to Britain.

UK flag in zebra stripes: Demonstrates the UK’s contribution towards conservation.

Dung beetles: Scientists demonstrated that dung beetles use the Milky Way’s band of light in the night sky as a compass. The Milky Way is a constant in the night sky and therefore very dependable.

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Attention: Writers and Artists

I’ve seen many talented people out there with pieces on rhinos, elephants and making a statement about poaching. I would love to showcase some of your work here on Fight For Rhinos. If you are interested, please submit poetry and drawings, etc to

This is an open invitation and there is no deadline. If your work is selected, I will inform you via email.

Keep up the great work people! Rhinos need our attention! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got 😉

happy rhino


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