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Artist with Heart

Colin Frangicetto is the guitarist of Circa Survive. This indie band has toured the US with various groups, including My Chemical Romance. They’ve appeared on the Billboard top 100 and on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

In addition to being a busy, experienced musician, Colin is a talented artist and rhino advocate. We are delighted to offer his contribution to Fight for Rhinos Art Auction.

Extremely detailed and precise, it is a one-of-a-kind pencil and ink drawing. Don’t miss your chance to bid!

Circa Survive on Jimmy Fallon.

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A little help from my friends..

Please sign and share our Thunderclap to promote our art auction for rhinos.

We only need 250 signatures to create a “thunderous” tweet to reach thousands. The more people we reach, the more potential there is for a successful auction. All proceeds will directly benefit rhinos!


Thunderclap for Rhinos Art Auction








After the Wallow by Andrew Bone

After the Wallow by Andrew Bone

White Rhino by Mona Majorowicz

White Rhino by Mona Majorowicz

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After the Mudwallow

after the mudwallow closeup

After the Mudwallow by Andrew Bone

Andrew Bone is a conservationist and a bushman, who conveys his love of Africa beautifully through his work. This stunning piece captures the raw power of the white rhinos, as well as the beauty of the African landscape.

Living in the Imire Game Ranch in his native Zimbabwe, he has dedicated his life to conservation and fundraising to help preserve the wildlife around him.

As a conservationist first and an artist second, Bone prefers to spend all of his time in the bush. The relationship between the two careers is a happy one. He explains that he cannot have one without the other, and he’s happy with the way it’s all worked out. To him, painting is a way to spread his message of conservation and introduce people all over the world to the species of Africa.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own this stunning piece at our online auction on June 1st. All proceeds directly benefit our rhino conservation programs (Ol Pejeta, Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, Greater Reserves United, Vision Africa and RPU program of Indonesia). Take a peek at the pieces so far available: Art Auction for Rhinos


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Harapan: artist extraordinaire

Harapan working on painting

Harapan working on his masterpiece

Harapan is the only Sumatran rhino in North America, and one of the few left in the world. Residing at the Cincinnati Zoo he is treated like royalty. He is showered with attention, love and all the ficus branches his heart desires.

One of his enrichment activities is painting. His pieces are sold to raise funds for his fellow rhinos, and their preservation. We’re proud to announce he’s painted a special piece for us at Fight for Rhinos. Don’t miss the chance to bid on this Harapan original on June 1st!

For a peek at the current art available: Rhino Art Auction

Proceeds raised will benefit Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, the RPU program in Indonesia (Hary’s favorite), Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Vision Africa and Greater Reserves United.

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Update: Art for Rhinos

Still in the process of collecting select pieces of art for our upcoming auction. All proceeds from the sales will benefit our rhino conservation projects. We’ve gotten some phenomenal work, but there’s still time for more!

With a variety of mediums, here are some of the featured artists:


Heather Shreve

Perspective 3 artprize mark middleton

Mark Middleton

karenmoorhouse 2

Karen Moorhouse

Metalic rhino

Kimberly Ring


Art shown is not necessarily actual pieces available. Stay tuned for preview…

For donation inquiries, email us at


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Rhino Art – Don’t Miss Out!


This stunning masterpiece was painted by Devon Wildlife Artist and Conservationist, Eleanor Ludgate – this has been exclusively painted for Helping Rhinos and is truly unique!  Want to own it? Join Helping Rhino’s online auction TODAY, SEPT 9!


This painting of former South African president Nelson Mandela was painted by acclaimed South African artist Mary Fowlds .

Paintings and more prizes are up for grabs in the auction. Proceeds will benefit the Rhino Art UK competition. The funds will go directly to paying for 3 students and 1 teacher from the UK to attend the inaugural World Youth Rhino Summit on the 21st to 23rd of September this year.

The World Youth Rhino Summit will be a focused gathering of 100 young conservation leaders aged 15-17 years from South Africa, other African countries affected by rhino poaching, consumer countries in Asia, and other representative counties. Delegates, educators, and conservation leaders, will be brought together at the symbolic iMfolozo Game Reserve to directly address the current rhino poaching crisis and develop resolutions needed to stop rhino poaching.

Bidding starts today and closes Sept 16th. Helping Rhinos online auction




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