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Save our moms


A mother’s love knows no bounds,
it matters not the species.

ffr mom n babe Kruger

Rhino babies stay with mom for 2-3 years. They rely on her for sustenance, guidance and protection. Help us keep moms safe from poachers! Please support our conservation projects and DONATE.


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Just one Rhino

Every rhino counts.

More than just words, it’s fact.

Female rhinos reach sexual maturity at 3-6 years of age. This means it’s critical to keep them protected until they are able to effectively add to the population.

Once they are successfully impregnated, the average gestation period of a rhino is 16 months. When a baby is born, he stays with his mom for a over a year, or until mom is pregnant again.

Female white rhino with calf. Photo: Kruger Park

Female white rhino with calf. Photo: Kruger Park

The lifespan of a wild rhino is approximately 35-40 years.

This leads to the potential of one female rhino birthing up to ten babies in a lifetime under optimal circumstances (i.e no poaching)!!

Thus by saving one rhino, you are potentially saving an integral portion of an entire population.

We need your help in protecting rhinos. Yes, every rhino counts. Every action and every dollar adds up. Please help us help them.

rhino herd

Crash of rhinos somewhere in South Africa. photo: unknown

Please donate via Paypal



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Did you know?

Did you know baby black rhinos follow behind their moms, while baby white rhinos walk in front of theirs?

black rhino mom and baby lincoln park

Black rhinos at Lincoln Park Zoo

Dublin rhinos

White rhinos at Dublin Zoo

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Shooting the Rhino Wars

The following is video from Sky News, who has been given access to behind the scenes work in Kruger National Park. The first 3 minutes show the grim reality of a poaching. After, there is more light-hearted footage of the “babies”.

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Good News for Greater one-horned rhinos

Much of the focus on rhino conservation and the poaching war centers on Africa. But the issue is just as critical in India, home of the Greater one-horned (also called the Indian) rhino.

Facing the same threats as their African cousins, currently their population hovers around 3,000.

rhino mom and baby manas by wwf india 2015

Mom and baby in Manas. photo: WWF India

Although their future remains in the balance, there is good news. Since 2012 there have been 13 new successful births in Assam. With a gestation period of 26 months, this is exceptional news.

This is a result of  intensive efforts through the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 (IRV 2020) program in which wild rhinos were translocated back into the area. The program’s aim has been to increase the population and range of the greater-one horned rhinos in the area.


Translocations are complex and these involved the government, local communities and several partners in conservation. photo: International Rhino Foundation








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Thula Thula: protecting the future

The reality is that aggressive poaching is pushing our iconic rhino’s closer and closer to the brink of extinction. It is becoming increasingly evident that every rhino we can save is critical in this war on poaching and the fight to rescue a species.

thul orphan

One of the many tragic fallouts of the poaching crisis is the orphaned young rhinos that are left behind once the mothers have been killed. A rhino calf has no horn and depends entirely on its mother for food and protection from predators. Rhino calves suckle up to the age of 18-months and losing it’s mother in infancy often has a deadly outcome.

There is a country-wide shortage of facilities with the ability to take in these brave little souls, and as a result we are losing young rhino that could have saved. In response to this need a unique partnership has been formed between The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO), Thula Thula Private Game Reserve and the local communities represented by their respective chiefs.Thula Thula

A world-class care facility has been constructed to give these magnificent animals the fighting chance they deserve at survival. This unique care facility will not only address the physical needs of the rhino but also nurture them mentally and emotionally to ensure that they are fully rehabilitated back into the wild.

It has been designed with guidance from world-renowned rhino expert Karen Trendler, the LAEO and the Thula Thula wild team.

Fight for Rhinos and Helping Rhinos proudly support Thula Thula in their efforts in saving and rehabilitating the orphans. Their survival is critical to the future of black and white rhino populations.


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Heartbreak as Another Baby Rhino is Found by Tourists

Remember the baby rhino found by tourists in Kruger a few weeks back?

It’s deja-vu , another orphaned baby was found wandering on the road in Kruger this last week.

He was an eight-week-old white rhino stumbled upon by passersby.

“Badly dehydrated, covered in wounds and clearly in desperate search of shade, the calf approached my car. She called out into emptiness, looked on for a moment and then rested her chin on my door. Slumping onto her hindquarters and then onto her belly she caught a few moments of peaceful rest in our shadow.”-Liam Burrough

baby rhino Liam 2

via Liam Burrough

Another driver who stumbled upon the scene  claimed the little one was dehydrated, cut up and crying for her mom. According to Adam Baugh the rhino came up and rubbed up against the car, before laying next to it to seek shade.

They tried to comfort the orphan, giving her water and talking to her until Kruger staff arrived to assist.

Baby rhino in lebambo mountains se corner of kruger near moz

via: Adam Baugh

Is this the kind of tourism South Africa is going to be known for? Crying baby rhinos desperately searching for their mom, wandering aimlessly for hours, maybe days in the bush, hopefully stumbling upon the right people for help?

So heartbreaking to think that these innocent souls sought out help from the very species responsible for their mothers’ destruction.

As Liam said, “It is our responsibility as humans to protect these animals. Change begins with you, so get off of your ass and do something! Write angry letters, donate as much money as you can to fund guns, dogs, equipment and salaries for the hands we so badly need to stop these gentle giants from disappearing.”

US residents: Write an email to the White House and share your concern. Please don’t use profanity or racial slurs, but USE your anger and heartache to demand change! It doesn’t have to be lengthy or wordy. We need to take a stand, with each email, it strengthens our voice. The South African government needs pressure from other countries to make this a priority and get serious.

South Africa:





If you have problems with any of these email addresses, or know of better links, please let us know.






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Baby Rhino on Webcam!

Best video EVER! Watch Gertjie the baby rhino LIVE in his boma as he naps, eats, gets silly and just melts your heart…in addition there are other animal cams to peruse.

Baby Gertjie LIVE wecam

baby gertjie


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Rhino Orphans







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Happy Mothers Day

Remembering the ones who have lost their mothers…

ntombi after


Celebrating the mothers yet to be…

thandi after


Praying for the safety and well-being of all the rest…

Give a shit about rhinos pic

A mother’s love and protection is the same for any species.

black rhino mom and baby


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