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Rhino of the Week: Ntombi

Ntombi's wounds.

Ntombi’s wounds.

There are so many amazing stories about our magnificent pachyderms, I thought it’d be fitting to spotlight one each week. Some are miraculous like Thandi, and others heartbreaking, but they all bring a face to their cause.

This week is about Ntombi. Her name means “lady” but perhaps “warrior” would’ve been more fitting. The two month old rhino was with her mother when they were attacked by poachers. The mother was dehorned and killed and Ntombi was slashed 18 times with machetes and axes. It is believed she approached the poachers when they were attacking her mother, perhaps in an effort to defend her.

She is currently living at the Rhino Orphanage (see site I have listed ), and recovering from wounds through her horn and sinus areas. Some of the cuts appear quite deep. As if its not bad enough, the poor girl is also uncomfortable from teething!

Hopefully she will continue to recover.

Ntombi with her caregiver at the Rhino Orphanage.

Ntombi with her caregiver at the Rhino Orphanage.

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