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Rhino Blessings

Thanksgiving is a great reminder for us to count our blessings.

I am thankful for the opportunity to do what I can to help rhinos, and extraordinarily grateful to rangers, vet staff, advocates and rhino lovers everywhere who share the same passion.

Let us not fret over the work yet to be done, but be grateful for what we have done and the opportunity to be able to do more.

Endelea Kupigana my friends!

Gertje and Lammie 3

Gertje (Little G) and his buddy Lammie (via Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center)

Shaki Nyani nap

Little Shaka and Nyani napping (via the Rhino Orphanage)

Thandi via Kariega Game Reserve

Thandi via Kariega Game Reserve

breaking news

Shanu and babe

Here is the latest miracle! This morning at 3:35am, Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation proudly announced Shanu giving birth to a healthy baby girl! This is the first birth here since their 2007 poaching tragedy.











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Roccy the Rhino

This is the story of a couple, Yvonne and Rocco Gioia, and their love for an orphaned baby rhino.

Roccy with parents

Yvonne and Rocco with Roccy

“We came upon a dead rhino cow on our property and we knew she had a little calf. We started searching and wouldn’t give up. The search lasted almost three days. We called in the help of the air force and the police, and eventually, a private helicopter pilot.”

Finally, they found little Roccy hiding under a tree, in great distress after losing his mother.

“We called in the vet to dart him, and that day I said to Rocco, I’m not giving up on this animal. I will do anything in my power to get him to survive.”

Roccy had to undergo cataract surgery – the condition most probably developed from the shock and dehydration sustained during the poaching incident. The procedure was successful, and Yvonne and Rocco took it upon themselves to raise him and take care of him, and shortly thereafter he was joined by another orphan rhino named Clova.

Being in Roccy and Clova’s presence makes it even harder to understand how any person could harm such docile animals. Rocco believes it comes down to education.

Roccy and Clova

Roccy and Clova

“Everyone is up in arms about the rhino situation, but you have to remember that 90 percent of people in our country are not aware of it, let alone know what rhino look like. This includes the part of our population from which the poachers originate.”

He thinks that people have lost touch with nature, and that they need to learn about the damage the human race does to animals in order to turn the situation around.

“The awareness obviously has to spread through the countries that use rhino horn. But our point is – clean your own house first, and that starts with the education of South Africa’s children. It is based on the simple mathematical equation that the youth will be adults when rhino are on the brink of extinction.”

Roccy the sirviro and ms s africa

Ambassador to the Elandela Rhino Survivor Trust, Miss South Africa Marilyn Ramos, shares Roccy’s story with school children.

It is this conviction that led him and his wife to share Roccy’s story via a colour-in storybook.  It was a joint idea, and Pick n Pay helped distribute 40 000 copies of Roccy the survivor to schools representing all the social strata in South Africa.

Needless to say, Rocco and Yvonne would be heartbroken if anything were to happen to these two orphans. Yvonne says they live in constant fear.

“All our plans are controlled by fear, but you can’t allow yourself to take out your day-to-day woes on the animals. The only thing you can do is to carry on and fight for the cause.”

Rocco and Yvonne’s awareness campaign is a glimmer of hope in the dire-looking future. The survival of all endangered animals relies on selfless souls like these, and thanks to their efforts, we may just be looking at a happy ending like the one in Roccy the survivor:

For the first time since Roccy ran and ran to get away from the poachers, and for the first time since his mom was killed, he was happy. He had lots of friends in his life now, and he was going to have many, many adventures.”

*Taken from “The Survivor” in Lowveld

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Baby Rhinos…a reminder of what we’re fighting for

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Brave Little Orphan

Amboseli National  Park – December 2011 a baby elephant was born. He was named Jasiri, meaning “brave one”. Little did anyone know how fitting that name would become. A year later, Christmas of 2012, his mother was found dead, another suspected death by poachers. There was no sign of Jasiri, his sister or other members of his family.Jasiri

Since calves suckle until they are three years of age, and rely on their mother for nutrition as well as protection , it was assumed poor Jasiri did not make it. However, to everyone’s surprise, three months later Jasiri was spotted 20km from where his mother was murdered.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nairobi Rescue Team was immediately deployed to bring him in. With the necessary manpower, nutrition and medical supplies they rescued the calf and are caring for him, hoping to help him survive.

The following is video footage of the rescue:

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My mum loves me for she keeps
me close as I play in the sand and scrub
in the tall savannah grass.

I drink from her when I am hungry,
she gives me shade when the day
is hot and she keeps me warm next to her when
the night grows cold.

I am not afraid of the dark,
for me and mum share the sunset
and share the rising sun just as we share
in adventures that we alone
know the story of.

Let no animal get too close,
for I will prove to her that I can protect
us both just as well as she does me.

For I am a brave little rhino
and there is no one fiercer than me.

By Philip Wardlow
Rhino mom n baby

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