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Baraka: from Disaster to Ambassador

While in Kenya, I visited the Ol’ Pejeta Conservancy, home to the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa. It is the dwelling place of not only 100 black rhinos, but home to the only 4 surviving Northern White Rhinos left on Earth. (see: And Then There Were Four )

To welcome me, I visited with Baraka, the black rhino ambassador to Ol’ Pejeta.


Baraka’s name is swahili for “blessings”. He has been with OPC since 1994. What makes him so special is his disability; Baraka was involved in a dispute with a fellow rhino which left him blind in one eye. Later, the poor guy developed a cataract in his other eye and is now completely blind.

Although he has been separated from other rhinos for his safety, he is well cared for and a highly anticipated stop for anyone visiting the facility. His gentle presence allows visitors a rare opportunity to be up close to a creature in peril of disappearing.

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