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The 11th Hour for the Northern White Rhinos

San Diego, CA-last hope for the Northern White Rhinos.

Nola san diego

Nola, the one of four remaining Northern White Rhinos, resting at home in the San Diego Zoo. photo: courtesy of the SDZ

There are presently only three Northern Whites’ left in Kenya and one in California.

All previous plans to breed and re-populate the species have heartbreakingly failed. It has come to the final hour.

In a last attempt to save the species, six Southern White Rhinos have been flown from South Africa to San Diego in an attempt to be implanted with embryos of the Northern Whites.

six southern whites arrive off plane

Southern White Rhinos arrive in San Diego International Airport after a 22 hour flight from Johannesburg. photo: courtesy of San Diego Zoo

If the procedures are successful , they would be put to use to preserve endangered Sumatran and Javan rhinos as well.

Although researchers are optimistic, success will not be fast enough; as they estimate it could take 10-15 years to see a successful outcome. In the meantime, the four living rhinos are aging, and running out of time.

The Northern White Rhino used to range over parts of  Eastern and Central Africa (Uganda, Chad, Sudan, the  Central African Republic, and Democratic Republic of the Congo). In 1960, 2,000 northerns existed.

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