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Maasai Ecovillage: the Way Forward

Philip Mayan Ole Senteria is a young Maasai striving to unify his community, while saving their wildlife. He has helped launch Africa’s first Maasai ecovillage.


One of eleven manyattas (huts) in the ecovillage.

The Oloimugi Traditional Ecovillage and campsite will bring people together through culture, arts and traditional dance. Visitors are given the unique opportunity to explore, learn and experience culture with the Maasai; like learning beadwork with the village women, milking of cows, and witnessing traditional rites of passage.
It is intended to be conservational, communal, and tourism project. Sustainability and self-reliance are the motivating factors for the village.
Senteria was inspired to begin the project because
“as a pastoral community, the Maasai have been scattered and disunified; hence they cannot put their efforts together and find solutions to problems affecting terms of education, health, environment, conservation, etc.  This ecovillage is meant to unify people.”
“In terms of poaching, conservation of wildlife should primarily start at the community level. Once a community treasures wildlife and respects it, it will be very much protective, knowing that it is an asset, pride and heritage. “
” Poaching is a menace, being fired by  youth who are misguided, ill-advised and misused by some cartels. The ecovillage will bring the youth together, starting empowerment projects to help them get alternative means of earning a living legally and not through poaching….”
oloi pic 2
Senteria has experience in the tourism industry, having worked with Maasai warriors safaris, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, and Ol Pejeta Conservancy. He is an example of what one person can accomplish for their community.
For more information see: the Oloimugi Ecovillage Experience on FB

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