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The Desert dwelling Rhinos of Namibia


The black rhinos of Namibia are unique. Unlike their cousins in other countries, they thrive in the harsh, dry deserts of Namibia.

RHino tracking in namib

Rhino tracking in Namibia by Minnesota Zoo/Save the Rhinos Trust

*They have evolved to survive without water for two to three days.

Black rhino crash in Namibia (David Shephard Wildlife Foundation)

Black rhino crash in Namibia (David Shephard Wildlife Foundation)

*They have developed resistance to the toxic chemicals in plants native to the area.

euphorbia 3

The Euphorbia plant is a favorite among Namibian rhinos, especially during droughts.

*Their ranges are far greater than other black rhinos; spanning nearly 200 sq km (50,000 acres) which is twice as large as the rhinos in South Africa. A few individuals have even been reported to have ranges of over 700 sq km (173,000 acres)!

bl rhino namibia by dave hamman

NW Namibian Black Rhino by Dave Hamman.

 *Namibian black rhinos make up about a third of the world’s remaining rhino population.






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