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Big Five Bill

To combat the rapid scourge of wildlife trafficking, the United States has responded with swift action. Twenty of the fifty states have taken the step toward a nationwide ban on ivory trade. An enormous step, considering the US was the second largest ivory market in the world.

Ivory bans March 2015


Now New York is seeking to take it a step further. Bill s.4686, better known as the “Africa Big Five” bill, would ban the import, possession, sale or transportation of any of the Big Five (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, and cape buffalo) in the state. This bill would amend a current law by classifying the Big Five as “foreign game”.

Senator Tony Avella said “The ban eliminates much of the incentive to continue hunting these animals overseas and shipping their remains off to buyers in New York with a high price tag. It is high time New York take a stand against this horrible practice. By passing this legislation we can ensure that New York, which is one of the largest hubs for importation and transport of these animal carcasses, does not become just another contributor to the inhumane trade of the bodies and parts of these animals.”

protect big 5

Senator Avella with Edita Birnkrant, of Friends of Animals.

New York was among the first states to pass the ivory ban. If the Big Five Bill passes, this could lead the way for not just other states, but the world. Stricter laws could give Africa’s big game, as well as other endangered species a fighting chance at a comeback.

YOU can help! Send a quick note to your local representatives and ask them to support Senator Avella and take action in YOUR state! Look up your state senators and representatives here: State senators and representatives.


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Do Something for Rhinos

Awareness: the ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns.

We cannot emphasis enough how vital it is to create awareness of the plight of the world’s rhinos. People need to know that –

  1. Rhinos are being slaughtered for their horns.
  2. 3 rhino are killed every day!
  3. Rhino are so critically endangered, that without swift and decisive action, they will be extinct within a few years.
  4. We CAN do something about it.

Once awareness is created, actions and involvement can be taken. We, in rhino alliance, are working together on projects involving technology, education, anti-poaching support and strategies.

Reality is what we make it. The future is in our hands.

Help spread awareness and assist with project funding with the purchase of our “Do Something” decals. Put them up at work, at home, on your car. Show your rhino love and get peoples’ attention!




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Change for Rhinos Starts TODAY

So much of the fight for rhinos starts with awareness. It is amazing how many people simply don’t know about their danger of extinction!

We all know there is strength in numbers. So let’s start the new year with a bang. Each of you reading this post- Fight for Rhinos challenges you to post one of our messages OR one of your own! Tweet or FB- reach out to the world.

We can stem the poaching. Change starts with YOU. Don’t wait. Do just one thing today.

Rhino facts


50 mill years

unless mom is killed


extinction is forever


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An Open Letter to Reese Witherspoon

In just 6 years, it’s possible we could lose all of our rhinos and elephants. And what’s most astounding about that is so many people STILL don’t even know! The challenge is in getting this into every newspaper, television and computer. Celebs are starting to speak out, but it’s not enough. I invite you all to write politicians, celebrities, and people who are in a position to help. It doesn’t have to be long, but it DOES have to be written. We MUST speak out. And who knows, you might be surprised at what happens…


Dear Ms. Witherspoon,

I have your next “passion project”!

Having had a role in bringing awareness to the poaching crisis in Africa in “A Far Off Place”, I know you’re familiar with the ongoing slaughter of our wildlife. If we don’t bring an end to this, our rhinos and elephants will be extinct in just 6 short years!

If we let this happen your children and mine will never have the experience of seeing them in the wild; in fact they may not even see them at all.

As the founder of the US-based non-profit, FIGHT FOR RHINOS, we raise funds and awareness to the plight of the rhinos. But we struggle with achieving adequate exposure to the crisis. If our rhinos are to survive this, we need as many voices as possible.

I know you have backed many charitable causes, but if this touches your heart, I  am asking for your help. Your presence has touched many people, and spreading the urgent message of protecting our rhinos would be a gift to us, to the rhinos, and to our future generations.


Tisha Wardlow

P.S: A sequel to “A Far Off Place” would be a timely and brilliant piece of work!

"A Far Off Place" 1993

“A Far Off Place” 1993

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March On..

4 October 2014

Saturday is THE day. I truly hope you will ALL be marching. It requires a small amount of time and effort, but worth every second and ounce. We owe this to our planet, our future, our animals.

Times, cities, and exact locations are available at

          “There are two ways of spreading light…to be the candle or be the mirror that reflect it.”

mom and baby white in grass

“The revolution is not the apple that falls when it’s ripe, you have to make it fall”

elephant with baby

 “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it, is really cooperating with it.”

global march NOW


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Fed Up with the Justice System for Rhinos?

There’s a lot going on with poachers the last couple of weeks. As usual the justice system could use some “encouragement” to do their jobs effectively. It is crucial we join together in signing the following petitions. And for those naysayers who think petitions aren’t enough-go ahead and sit on your hands and let it pass you by. For the rest of you-take every opportunity to make your voices heard and save our rhino!

Remember the words of Dr. William Fowlds, ‘Make a commitment to do one thing every day for rhinos, even if it is just a tweet or a post – if not a day then a week’.

Time is of the essence-On Sept 29, Monday-Hugo Ras and his co-conspirators are counting on getting bail. They are confident they will beat the system as they have done before. These people are responsible for multiple rhino deaths.


Three SANParks employees were arrested for their involvement in rhino poaching. The ONLY thing lower than a poacher-someone entrusted with rhino protection who betrays them!


When the elusive poaching kingpin Chemlong Lemtongthai was finally apprehended and sentenced with 40 years, it set the precedent by sending a strong message of intolerance to poachers. Yet then it was reduced to 30 years. And now, an additional reduction was given of just 13 years! This is a slap in the face to rhinos and conservationists everywhere!


Please sign, share and let’s put these evil people where they belong-IN JAIL-away from rhinos, away from people.

jail not bail






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“Think Big, Start Small, Act Now”

Alyssas rhino drawing

Drawing by Alyssa

..That is the sign hanging over General Jooste’s desk in his office in SANParks. Watching a  rhino take its final breaths, after having it’s back broken and it’s horn hacked off by poachers, prompted Jooste to begin his current position overseeing anti-poaching efforts in Kruger.

The bloody struggle, demands and frustration he, and everyone on the ground must bear witness to daily is unimaginable. Yet, he stands firm. He continues to do what he can, fulfilling his part in the war.

So what can we do? Most of us aren’t decorated military generals, or park rangers. But paying heed to his motto – we can ALL do something.

Mike & Sam

Mike & Sam

Mike and Sam, a UK couple were married in May of 2014. Both having grown up in South Africa, their love of the bush, and heartbreak over the escalation in rhino poaching, they asked that in lieu of wedding gifts, people contribute money to be donated to rhino conservation. From there, they’ve started to ask other couples to continue doing the same. Thus, Wedding Gifts for Rhinos was born.

Alyssa is a 7-year-old girl who was brought to tears when she heard of our rhinos being killed. With the help of mom and dad, she sells chocolates, printed with a picture she drew of a rhino. Since then, she has branched out, selling knitted rhinos, stickers, etc. The money she gets is being saved toward her end goal of buying a sniffer dog for anti-poaching efforts at SANParks. She has already raised over R15000 in 2 months.

Alyssa with knitted rhinos

Alyssa with the adults who help make her knitted rhinos.



Sam is a certified guide in Southern Africa whose love of rhinos inspired him to do the 500km Rhino Awareness Walk. Moved by his grandfather’s words “none of us inherited our wildlife from our grandparents, but it is loaned to us by our children”, he is doing what he can – walking to raise funds and awareness in his community toward wildlife poaching.

In 2012, Tracy, the owner of an arts and crafts store in South Africa, was moved to do something after she saw the poaching of Thandi and Themba. She began selling “rhino tears”, necklaces she designed to raise funds to fight poaching. Her original goal of selling 20, has gone beyond 700 necklaces worldwide.



Selling lemonade, losing weight, growing a beard…people old and young, no different from you and I have found ways to do what they can to help our rhinos.

Don’t feel helpless! Join us and do something today! Sign petitions, donate, volunteer, join the global march for elephants and rhinos in your city, sell artwork…use your talent, your time…do what you can.

Think Big..Start Small..Act NOW!





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Following Your Heart Down a Bumpy Road

Life is nothing if not unpredictable. Two years ago, I was dreaming of Africa and mourning the loss of rhinos to poaching. It broke my heart endlessly to the point I would lay awake in bed thinking of the pain and injustice of it all.

This pain grew into rage, and this spark turned me onto the road of Fight for Rhinos. I decided in order to sleep at night, to look myself in the mirror, I could not ignore the passion within me to “do something”.


Black rhino @ Ol’Pejeta Conservancy

What began as a blog to get things off my chest and raise some awareness, has turned into the start of a non-profit. The one thing I wholly believe a successful non-profit should be, is transparent. It’s hard, if not impossible to know who’s legitimate,  with not only your money, but your trust. So in the spirit of transparency, here is where Fight for Rhinos stands…

In October I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya. I saw firsthand the beauty, harshness and magic of its wildlife, and met fantastic people. Visiting with Ol’Pejeta and seeing my first rhino in the bush was an experience I will never forget. This brought it all home to me, empowering me and solidifying my determination.

Tisha Maasai

Maasai in Amboseli

We have joined forces with the UK-based, Helping Rhinos. The founder, Simon Jones, and I share many beliefs. Most importantly: we believe unity is the best way to go. The more all of us working together, the easier and quicker we can help our rhinos. We are always open to new groups, and ideas! We also stand firm on our belief of No-trade in rhino horn.

In addition to collaborating with HR, Fight for Rhinos is incorporated as an official business in the US. We have filed the dreaded IRS paperwork, along with the fees to be recognized as a non-profit and therefore be tax-deductible, giving business’ the opportunity to donate, and write it off. VERY KEY in obtaining most funding.

Now we play the waiting game. Within 3-6 months, we will have the “magic number” that allows the corporations to “write it off”.

On a personal note, we have just sold our home in the US. (another dreaded paperwork, and waiting game). We will be downsizing, saving to return to Kenya, and possibly South Africa as well. Hoping to get my “hands dirty” and get down to business on more intense levels, like our “big brother” organization Helping Rhinos has done.

Funny-I thought once I’d gone to Africa, my lifelong dream would be fulfilled. But it’s only just beginning.

Thank you for following. Your presence and comments keep me going, knowing there are others invested in this war who want our rhinos to win! If you have questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you! Email me at

And as always, if you are able to help in any way, please donate.

Help Us to Help Them


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