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Rhino Wrap-up 2015

We can’t emphasis enough how important YOU are to the success of Fight for Rhinos. Thanks to all of you, this is the difference we were able to make in 2015..

*The dehorning of Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center poaching survivors; Dingle Dell and Lion’s Den at a total cost of $1250.00.  This was essential in not only keeping them safe while they’re at the center, but also in preparation for their eventual return to the wild.


Lion’s Den & Dingle Dell photo: Fight for Rhinos

*A total contribution of $3080.00 to Ol Pejeta Conservancy for

  • Rhino audit (to carry out an independent verification of all individual rhinos on OPC ($2000 usd)
  • Monitoring equipment – 6 GPS devices @ $ 180ea
black rhinos ol pejeta

Black rhinos at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. photo: OPC


*Three months of funding to cover expenses of the Black Mambas APU, including food, supplies and miscellaneous expenses (at a total of $2345.00 usd)

black mambas training

Black Mambas training. photo: Protrack

We’re already working hard on our next campaign, funding a critical human tracking course for an APU located in southern Kruger National Park, to prevent them from losing further rhinos.

help rangers illustration by sophia

THANK YOU for helping us to help them!

Please continue to follow our progress, and as always ANY amount you are able to contribute is extremely helpful and appreciated. Together we ARE making a difference!



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Art Auction for Rhinos – the time is now!


JUNE 1st at 10:00 am EST

The auction is held through Bidding Owl and will last until 11:55pm on June 9th.

bidding owl 2

*Register at any point before bidding. Registering does not obligate you to bid.

*Shipping price included with art piece.

If there are any questions or concerns about bidding, the site or the art, please contact us at

IF you do not see a piece you want or can purchase, please consider donating. EVERY donation helps and is greatly appreciated! You can donate on the Bidding Owl site or on our site.

Good luck rhino lovers & thank you for helping us help them!

rhino closeness christof schoeman

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Fighting for Love

What is love?

Shot in the chest. Panic, fear, and intense pain engulfs her. Her first  instinct is to run blindly; quickly stumbling through the bush trying to find somewhere safe, some relief for the immensity of the pain. 

But not too fast, not too far. For her heart and other instincts won’t let her stray far from the little one running at her side. She  slows to check  to be sure he is ok. He needs her. She will give her life for him.

Unable to keep going, she slows and falls. Her strength is just not there.  Before her last breath she feeds and nuzzles him…
THIS is love. THIS is what poaching is destroying. THIS is what we’re fighting for. 

13, Feb, Hoedspruit:The rhino cow was shot in the lung, rangers followed the trail of blood, it was too late to help her. The frightened little calf, yet another poaching victim has been sent to an orphanage.

Another day, another poaching; yet a new tragedy for this baby, and this mother. Help us fight for them and stop the killings.

Rhino mom n babe sa by graeme mitchley

(Not the rhinos mentioned) photo: Graeme Mitchley






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Rhinos, Rangers and Respect

As you watch the Superbowl from your living rooms, our rangers are out in the bush, patrolling, vigilantly protecting our rhinos and elephants.

Rain, sun, under the veil of darkness- each snap of twig, each movement in the shadow; at any moment awaiting to hear the shot of a gun…or the feel of one.

“It’s a relentless onslaught,” says Johan Jooste, special projects commander with South African National Parks (SANParks). “This place gives new meaning to 24/7.”

Soldiers in the poaching war, always in danger, every hour they spend on guard is intense. Relying on one another to back them up, praying the others in their unit are just as committed and not on the payout from poaching syndicates.

One day uneventful, another loading a rhino carcass onto a truck. Many of these men and women, taking each death to heart, feeling guilt and defeat.

“Worldwide, about two rangers are killed every week,” says Sean Willmore, president of the  International Ranger Federation and founder of the Thin Green Line Foundation, “But that’s only partial data,” he adds. “It could be double that amount.”

Unappreciated, underpaid, inadequately armed, facing long tedious days only to go to bed and sleep with one eye open, and get up to do it all again. Please help us show appreciation and respect. It goes a LONG way!

Which ranger inspires you? Make a donation in his name and we’ll send them a note of thanks  in your words and let them know there is someone out there supporting their efforts and fighting on THEIR team!

Click on each ranger’s name to re-read their stories.









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Endelea Kupigana for Rhinos

There is always an overwhelming amount of “doom and gloom” in the war on rhino poaching. The numerous articles about the corruption, the short or non-existent jail time for poachers, shootouts between rangers and poachers, and of course the dreaded death toll; watching it climb, holding your breath when you turn on the computer, praying it somehow hasn’t gone up; it can bring a soul to the depth of despair.

It is the reality. It is life and death, day in and day out for our rhinos. It is not going to get better tomorrow or next week. But the hope is it WILL get better.

rhino by alfred


Some of you occasionally comment about feeling discouraged, and ask how you can help. My answer is: “Don’t give up. The rhinos need us.”

It may seem bleak at times, it’s a hard battle to be a part of, but without you, me and the countless conservation groups, veterinary staff, ranches, rangers, and advocates, where would they be? The poachers and politicians would have decimated them long ago.

The motto of Fight for Rhinos is “Endelea Kupigana“. It is Swahili for “Keep Fighting”.

I will never give up on them, but I can’t do this without all of you.

Here is how you can help-

Support Rhinos & Rangers: the campaign

Very shortly, Fight for Rhinos will be selling t-shirts. The profit will benefit the Fight for Rhinos/ Helping Rhinos field projects. (see: How We Help)

In addition, we want to help lift the morale of our rangers in Kenya Wildlife Services. (The amount of frustration we feel is a fraction of what they face on the ground-they LIVE it!) For every 5 shirts sold, we will send one to the KWS rangers. We’d like to send as many as we can!

The campaign will only be available for 3 short weeks.

Please keep your eye out for our release. Helping rhinos, rangers, and getting a cool shirt-you can’t lose!

rhino and baby help us



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Dare to Hope

Stop the presses!


Rub your eyes, read it again. Yes, this is for real. American philanthropist, Howard Buffett donated this phenomenal amount to SANParks (South Africa National Parks) on Monday.

Buffet is no stranger to charitable contributions in Africa, having made previous donations toward alleviating poverty, with particular concentration on areas of conflict.  He sees this as a link in the chain, stating

“When you see what conflict does to people, you cannot turn away. That conflict is fuelled by rhino horns, elephant ivory.” 

Howard Buffet in Cameroon

Howard Buffett in Cameroon.

Long-term plan

Over the next 30 months, there is a campaign in place throughout Kruger National Park to stomp out poaching through improved intelligence.  It will provide

the rangers with badly needed technology and equipment. Some of the equipment will include:
*aerostat balloons
*land vehicles equipped with electronic sensors to track poachers
*fencing sensors near the Mozambique border

An aerostat balloon similar to this one along the Mexican/US border, will be used as the "eye in the sky" to monitor Kruger National Park.

An aerostat balloon similar to this one along the Mexican/US border, will be used as the “eye in the sky” to monitor Kruger National Park.

According to SANParks CEO David Mabunda this is a “bankable project” since South Africa contains the world’s only viable rhino population. Indeed they are home to over 80% of the world’s remaining rhino. For every international tourist in Africa, eight  jobs are created. Without the Big Five like the rhino, there are no safaris, thus no jobs.

“All we need is a game-changer … this donation will give us technology. We need to know when the poachers pitch up on our border so that we are ready for them and have a kind of welcome for them, ” said Mabunda.

As part of the answer to the war on poaching, in 2012 retired military major General Johan Jooste was named to lead the charge. According to Edna Molewa, Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs in SA, Jooste’s plan was “starting to bear fruit”.

If this is true, could the generosity of Buffett be just the push the rhinos need? Dare we hope?

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