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Duma: The Rhino Dog

The Rhino Orphanage has a new resident on board. Only this time it’s not a rhino or an elephant. It’s a German Shepard named Duma.

Duma is a rhino tracker. He has a big job; he’s being trained to keep an eye on the rhinos to enhance their security.

Duma and Ntombi investigating a log.

Duma and Ntombi investigating a log.

The current poaching crisis is presenting some challenges to the welfare of the orphans, including security and tracking. The orphaned calves, traumatized by the poaching, do not behave predictably and are more reactive to noise and disturbance making conventional tracking and helicopter searches difficult and ineffective.

Duma is still a pup, but he has amazing character, is very bright, has a strong drive and is wonderful with the calves!

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