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A little help from my friends..

Please sign and share our Thunderclap to promote our art auction for rhinos.

We only need 250 signatures to create a “thunderous” tweet to reach thousands. The more people we reach, the more potential there is for a successful auction. All proceeds will directly benefit rhinos!


Thunderclap for Rhinos Art Auction








After the Wallow by Andrew Bone

After the Wallow by Andrew Bone

White Rhino by Mona Majorowicz

White Rhino by Mona Majorowicz

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Update: Art for Rhinos

Still in the process of collecting select pieces of art for our upcoming auction. All proceeds from the sales will benefit our rhino conservation projects. We’ve gotten some phenomenal work, but there’s still time for more!

With a variety of mediums, here are some of the featured artists:


Heather Shreve

Perspective 3 artprize mark middleton

Mark Middleton

karenmoorhouse 2

Karen Moorhouse

Metalic rhino

Kimberly Ring


Art shown is not necessarily actual pieces available. Stay tuned for preview…

For donation inquiries, email us at


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Our Latest “Field Projects” Report

Helping Rhinos & Fight for Rhinos Donation Allocation November 2014

We are very happy to have been able to provide the funding needed for Vision Africa Wildlife to secure the last piece of software they require to complete the development of their rhino tracking product.  Our grant of £1,700 will help to protect rhinos on the Vision Africa reserves and also their neighbouring farms.

vision-africa-logo-1We are also very happy to have provided Vision Africa with a further £1,750 to purchase the required body armour for their tracking dog.  The software being implemented (above) in conjunction with the abilities of a highly trained tracking dog, who is now much better protected from the threat of running into the poachers, will we believe make the rhinos in the area where Vision Africa operate much better protected than they were just 12 months ago.

November also saw us provide sponsorship to Reserve Protection Agency in support of their Technology Demonstrations in South Africa.  The demonstrations will be supported by the Department of Environmental Affairs, SANParks, a number of private rhino owners and will help validate the merits of new technology which can be rolled out into both national parks and private reserves alike.  Stay tuned for more information as when it is available.  In total Helping Rhinos have provided £5,000 for these key initiatives that will help improve the safety of many different rhino populations.

r8-jeep-webIn addition, we provided a further £2,500 to Reserve Protection Agency as co sponsors of their latest J8 Jeep.  Along with the other sponsor, Jankel, we are really pleased to have been able to help bring this military spec jeep into South Africa where it will be located at a number of different reserves in support of their anti-poaching work, including Kruger National Park.

This quarter also saw Helping Rhinos continue their support of Game Reserves United as we provided £2,500 to allow them to purchase some key software.  This software will allow far more effective collaboration of the private reserves that make up GRU and the world famous Kruger National Park.  It is key for us at Helping Rhinos to provide essential support to the rhino populations of the Greater Kruger Park.

game_reserves_united_logoIn addition, we provided £1,500 to GRU member Balule for the purchase of a quad bike to help assist with key anti-poaching activities such as fence checking.  It will also allow rangers to move around the reserve  in a much more effecient manner, meaning they cover much more ground on a daily basis in their work to prevent poaching.

We also welcomed a new partner to our books this quarter – the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, based in KwaZulu-Natal.thul thula  The Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage hope to open before the end of 2014, and our donation of £3,000 will allow the management team to purchase the required veterinary and nursing equipment they need before they can bring in their first rhino orphan.  Stay tuned for more information on the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage.


Of course, we continue with our adoption scheme of the northern white rhinosbased at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in thumbnail opcKenya.  Your support of our adoption scheme resulted is us sending funds totalling £1,075.  The funding raised through our adoption scheme will help maintain a safe and natural habitat for the rhinos at Ol Pejeta. See our Adoption page to see how you can help us provide even more funding to Ol Pejeta.

Thank you for your continued support! YOU make this happen!
Please consider making a donation to help us continue our work in saving rhinos.

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Last Call!

Wow! Our Support Rhinos and Rangers campaign is a success!! We’ve exceeded our minimum goal and so far there will be a dozen tee’s sent to Kenyan Rangers.

Thank you-each one of you who have made this a success!

There’s still time if you haven’t got yours! They make great gifts for the rhino lover in your life.       Hurry-sale ends tomorrow-the 14th.


FFR T both views

get a shirt

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Rangers: the Frontline on the Rhino War

Wealthy Asian businessmen , airport seizures of horn and ivory, silent apathy from politicians, ongoing heated trade debates…a ferocious circle surrounding and depleting our rhinos and elephants. Yet, at the center of it all, on the blood soaked savanna stand the rangers.

Kws monument 2

The monument outside of KWS headquarters honors the fallen rangers.

Under the blazing sun or in pouring rain, no weekends or holidays, for little pay and high stakes-they are the only real obstacle standing between the poachers and the rhinos.

Often outgunned and outnumbered, each day is war. In Kenya hundreds of rangers have been shot in the last 3 years, and 13 killed.

A recent report from the Kenyan government sited “low morale” as being a huge problem in the bush for the Kenyan Wildlife Service rangers.

Is it any wonder?

Leaving their families for long periods of time, not knowing if they will see them again, often met with distrust and dislike from their own communities, they face death every day.

kws with poached rhino

KWS rangers stand over the carcass of a poached rhino.

What’s life like for a ranger? Here is a Q & A with a 14-year Namibian ranger. (see Unsung Heroes)

Q: What is a typical day on patrol like for you?

“Well its early up….after breakfast of only food in tins we start patrolling to see if we can’t find tracks of animals or poachers…..after we find tracks we follow…..till we get what we want. Sometimes we have to walk hours and lots of km a day to see the Rhinos or any other wildlife. We get to camp at dark and still have to make food, after that we get a few hours of sleep. Then comes night patrol. We have poachers coming at night to shoot the animals so we  have to be alert at all times. We get so tired but we help each other to stay awake.

This goes on for 10 to 15 days in  one area then we move again to the next.”

Q: What determines where you patrol? And how many of you are there at a time?

“We help lodges and farmers that breed wild animals and try to protect them. We have no routine, we go as we think its time or on request of the owners. We also work on the highways; that we do with police or the army. We help with road blocks and patrol with them helping with tracking and so on. We are about 30 guys depending on how much money we can get (as I pay them for their families, and for their supplies). Sometimes its only 6 guys.”

Q: Where does the funding come from?

“We get donations from people and the places where we work also help us with food for the periods.”

Q: It seems you must have a lot to take with you-the essentials for camping equip and food, weapons,etc?

“The weapons are our own, the tents we buy from china shops here. They are cheap but not strong so we have to change them out about every second month or so. We take nothing from nature ….no hunting or fishing for food….we take all with us when we go.”

Q: Do you have a lot of run-ins with poachers?

“Yes. We have a lot of run- ins with poachers….its easy to meet them when you live with them in the bush.”

Q: What’s the most dangerous situation you’ve been in?

“Well in 2005 one of our unit members was killed in a shoot out, but we caught them after 2 days of tracking. We were on highway patrol when we came upon the poachers. They started shooting at us as they tried to drive off….luckily none of us got shot THAT night too.”

Q: What’s the most rewarding situation you’ve had?

“One area in Namibia had a poaching problem for about 3 years…they heard of us and asked for help. We went in with about 12 members. We caught the poachers; they were police and nature conservation members along with the tribe king’s son. That was my best bust ever…..just their faces said it all.”

Q: What do you wish you had to make your job easier, more effective?

“Funds to get better equipment….this will make any job better and easy to do. We would  like to go on horse back doing bush patrols and when we move from one area to another we would like to  have some type of transport to help with the load. It’s nice working by foot but it can drain your body very quickly.”

Q: How does this fit in with married life and family? Is it difficult or do you get used to it?

“Yes it’s not easy on our lives if you have a wife and kids, but my wife understands and she is also into nature. You will never get used to it -being away from home. It’s very hard work..meaning the sun is really hot here, and  animals don’t stay in one place,  you have to follow them to make sure they are safe so its long distance walking.  And at  the same time you have to be alert for danger like wild animals, snakes and poachers. It’s not easy but I think it’s the best job in the world.”

Please help us support the rangers! We NEED them! For every 5 shirts purchased, we will send 1 to a Kenyan ranger. 

Support Rhinos and Rangers

armed guard rhinos

Armed ranger stands over rhinos at Ol Pejeta Consrevancy.





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Support Rhinos and Rangers

For a LIMITED TIME! Fight for Rhinos with the purchase of this Tee!!! Available July 25 ~ Aug-14

Please show your support for rhinos AND rangers, while you show the world your dedication to their plight.


Support Rhinos and Rangers

FFR T both views

FFR tank






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Following Your Heart Down a Bumpy Road

Life is nothing if not unpredictable. Two years ago, I was dreaming of Africa and mourning the loss of rhinos to poaching. It broke my heart endlessly to the point I would lay awake in bed thinking of the pain and injustice of it all.

This pain grew into rage, and this spark turned me onto the road of Fight for Rhinos. I decided in order to sleep at night, to look myself in the mirror, I could not ignore the passion within me to “do something”.


Black rhino @ Ol’Pejeta Conservancy

What began as a blog to get things off my chest and raise some awareness, has turned into the start of a non-profit. The one thing I wholly believe a successful non-profit should be, is transparent. It’s hard, if not impossible to know who’s legitimate,  with not only your money, but your trust. So in the spirit of transparency, here is where Fight for Rhinos stands…

In October I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya. I saw firsthand the beauty, harshness and magic of its wildlife, and met fantastic people. Visiting with Ol’Pejeta and seeing my first rhino in the bush was an experience I will never forget. This brought it all home to me, empowering me and solidifying my determination.

Tisha Maasai

Maasai in Amboseli

We have joined forces with the UK-based, Helping Rhinos. The founder, Simon Jones, and I share many beliefs. Most importantly: we believe unity is the best way to go. The more all of us working together, the easier and quicker we can help our rhinos. We are always open to new groups, and ideas! We also stand firm on our belief of No-trade in rhino horn.

In addition to collaborating with HR, Fight for Rhinos is incorporated as an official business in the US. We have filed the dreaded IRS paperwork, along with the fees to be recognized as a non-profit and therefore be tax-deductible, giving business’ the opportunity to donate, and write it off. VERY KEY in obtaining most funding.

Now we play the waiting game. Within 3-6 months, we will have the “magic number” that allows the corporations to “write it off”.

On a personal note, we have just sold our home in the US. (another dreaded paperwork, and waiting game). We will be downsizing, saving to return to Kenya, and possibly South Africa as well. Hoping to get my “hands dirty” and get down to business on more intense levels, like our “big brother” organization Helping Rhinos has done.

Funny-I thought once I’d gone to Africa, my lifelong dream would be fulfilled. But it’s only just beginning.

Thank you for following. Your presence and comments keep me going, knowing there are others invested in this war who want our rhinos to win! If you have questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you! Email me at

And as always, if you are able to help in any way, please donate.

Help Us to Help Them


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Game Reserves United : The Heart of Rhino Country

Fight for Rhinos and Helping Rhinos is supportive of Game Reserves United (GRU). GRU  is an alliance of private game reserves on the western border of the Kruger National Park (KNP).

The main purpose of GRU is to establish a reliable and unified intelligence. It is supported by experienced counter-insurgency and counter-intelligence individuals, and closely aligned with law enforcement agencies. This approach is unique and could be the leading example for collaborating landowners when it comes to poaching.

Game reserves united

Since 2008, the private reserves to the west of Kruger have greatly increased their investment into security to help combat the escalating threat of rhino poaching.  This increased investment is not only improving security for rhinos on the Park’s western boundary, but the benefit is spilling over in the Park itself.

So far the project has had the following results:

  1. The number of rhinos poached in the project area has declined by 50% per annum over a three- year period.
  2. Intelligence operations are focused, collaborative and coordinated and the information generated is well-managed across the project area.
  3. GRU works in collaboration with the KNP and other law enforcement agencies.
  4. In partnership with SANParks, promote the creation of additional field ranger positions to be deployed in the participating reserves for improved area coverage.
  5. There is improved communication resulting in improved area integrity management.
  6. Through an MoU with SANParks, there is alignment of the Private Sector’s efforts with those of the KNP to reduce operational discord between the sectors and bring about improved regional integrity

We need your support to continue this project. To support us in the preservation of the rhino,  please see the DONATE buttons on the left or bottom of the page.

rhino in kruger

Photo by: Markgo Djurica/Reuters

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Rhino S.O.S.

rhino duoFight for Rhinos and Helping Rhinos are working to save rhinos  by providing assistance both on the ground, and through educational campaigns.

*We have provided 3 months of sponsorship of the intelligence resources at Game Reserves United – GRU (the coalition of private game reserves on the western border of Kruger.)

*We have now committed funding for the first quarter’s 4×4 ranger training courses operated by Reserve Protection Agency (RPA).

*We have allocated funding to support the work of General Jooste’s anti-poaching work at Kruger National Park.

This month alone 68 rhinos have been killed in Kruger National Park. This is a bloody, violent war. The future of not just a species, but wildlife as we know it, is hanging in the balance.

We can’t do it without you. If you are able to help or know of anyone who may be able to, please reach out to us.

“There is always a gap between intention and action” ~Paulo Coelho

Please help us bridge that gap. Act now. See the donate button on the left and bottom of the page. If you have ANY questions, please reach us at

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Help Us Help Them: RPA

Reserve Protection Agency is a progressive conservation non-profit and public benefit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving South Africa’s threatened ecosystems.

dr fowlds working on thandi 2

Dr. Fowlds

Supported by Dr. William Fowlds, they assist rhino anti-poaching efforts with intelligent solutions and innovative technology systems.

Why we support them

  • It’s about adopting an ‘inter-agency’ approach, in other words getting different groups such as military, police, private reserves and national parks to work together.
  • It’s about engaging the local communities and giving individuals not just a job but a career path to follow.
  • It’s about allowing effective management of eco-systems and biodiversity.
  • It’s about bringing anti-poaching techniques to a new level as far as technology is concerned.
  • While the initial focus of RPA is South Africa, there are plans to roll the initiative out across the rest Africa and Asia, meaning all species of rhino will ultimately benefit from their work.

Over all, RPA have very similar beliefs to our own – that by working together, and playing to our own individual strengths is the only way  we will win the war against the poachers.  This is why we have adopted RPA as one of our beneficiary projects.

During this crucial time for rhinos, technology and united efforts are imperative to their survival. Please consider helping by donating today.

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