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SANParks, the Epicenter of the Poaching War

Helping Rhinos and Fight for Rhinos have teamed up with SANParks (South African National Parks)  in Kruger National Park.

Kruger National Park is home to around 65% of the world’s rhinos.  Devastatingly it is also home to around 60% of the rhino poaching victims in South Africa.

To save the rhino, it is imperative to focus on Kruger, which unfortunately has become the epicenter to the war on poaching. By teaming up with SANParks, we will support their anti-poaching efforts.

n 2013 SANParks launched their Ring-Fenced Rhino Account, meaning that all donations made in aid of rhinos will go directly to cause.

All the fundraising we carry out in the name of SANParks will go directly to their Ring-fenced rhino account, so you can be sure that you are contributing directly to the protection of the largest population of rhinos left in the world today.

London meeting

Meeting with Richard Benyon (centre), the Minister for DEFRA (dept for environment, food and rural affairs UK), Gen Jooste, Simon Jones (Helping Rhinos).

The Kruger Park anti-poaching activity is headed up by Major General (ret) Johan Jooste, and slowly but surely the General’s activities are bearing fruit.  When asked if we are winning the war with the poachers the General is honest enough to respond with “not yet”, but he is confident that the war will be won.  And having spent time with the General at a series of meetings in London (read more about those meetings here) and in the Kruger Park we are confident he will implement the strategies needed to start reducing the number of rhinos poached in the world famous and iconic park.

kruger map

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