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Care and Share

UnlessWill caring about poaching, stop it? Well, it’s a start. Using the Google Trends tool, rhino poaching stats from 2010 -2014 were plotted against the online public interest on the topic.
According to Ayesha Cantor, It seems that when public interest is at its lowest then poaching is highest and vice versa. You could then conclude that rhino poaching must stay in the public eye in order to keep it under control.
(Thank you to Simon Naylor (Phinda) and Declan Hofmeyer (Madikwe) for pointing this out. )

Rhino poaching and google interest graphSo what does this mean? It means social media is one heck of a marketing tool for our rhinos. Its the most effective global means to get the message out!

care arrowsBottom line: as discouraging as it gets, public pressure works. We must sign petitions, share stories and articles, and bring the plight of our rhinos to each and everyone.

It IS working!

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URGENT-Please Vote to Save the Rhino and Elephant

Urgent- please take just a moment and watch this video clip of the new advancement to battle the war on poaching! This campaign needs every vote! With just a click we can make a difference and be part of the solution!

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Buyer Beware

Illegal Ivory Trade-China, Vietnam, and Thailand certainly play the biggest role in the demise of the elephant. With over 32,000 elephants slaughtered within the last year, poaching and illegal trade have reached epic proportions.

But the US is second to China in the dealings of illegal ivory.

The US is seemingly aggressive when it comes to seizing illegal ivory entering the country. In 2012  $2 million of ivory was seized in Manhattan; the guilty parties were asian jewelry shop owners.

But the black market trade is fueled by cyberspace. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) states that online trading is definitely an issue in the US. One way sellers and buyers use to conceal their product is by using code words; ox bone, white gold, unburnable bone, or cold to the touch.

I checked into the four most prominent sites here in the US-Google, Amazon, Ebay and Amazingly, it took only a few minutes for me to find ivory jewelry and trinkets on Google, Amazon and Ebay. I found nothing on

The US law states that ivory from the African Elephant cannot be internationally sold or bought. But  it IS legal to own, sell or buy within the US. No permits or registration is required. Pertaining to the Asian Elephant-all trade is illegal across the board.

The thought being that the ivory  already present is older “pre-ban” ivory dating before 1989. However, there seems to be no shortage of  items found on-line.

Google said in an emailed response to The Associated Press that “ads for products obtained from endangered or threatened species are not allowed on Google. As soon as we detect ads that violate our advertising policies, we remove them. But there are so many ads that come out every day, you have to be vigilant. You have to keep checking.”

Illicit ivory sold in the US is typically used to make gun and knife handles, billiard balls, piano keys and combs. There is also a market for small items such as trinkets and jewelry.

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