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World Rhino Day: Support the Black Rhino


In the last 50 years black rhinos have declined by 97%

                          Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty

To put it in perspective: If 97% of the human population were wiped out, only Australia and Brazil would be left.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of conservation groups, there are approximately 4000-5000 black rhinos left.

You can be a part of that effort. Your donation helps us support the canine APU’s that protect rhinos in Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. 

Please go to Paypal to make a monthly or one time donation.

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What I’ve learned from saving Rhinos

The world of rhino conservation is all consuming, sometimes torturous, and reward is fleeting. Yet it’s a calling, like any I suppose, that cannot be ignored. Others have heeded the call, some living in the trenches even more overwhelmed with the life and death scenarios on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

Like many “animal lovers” fed up with the atrocities our fellow humans have committed toward other species, I never considered myself a “people person”. I believed the Baraka n merhinos in essence were in need of help and saving from people.

“Shoot the poachers”, “Save the rhinos”

Yet at some point over the years, something surprising has happened. I realized, like most things, it’s not that simple. What began as a one-tracked repetitive concern of rhinos has transformed into…well, a greater worry, compassion and understanding of humanity.


LB from RPA, Dr. Fowlds, & Simon from Helping Rhinos in South Africa

I’ve come to understand two greater truths:
1. Rhinos are only the beginning. While they are dying, other species are too. And IF they’re gone for good, it only opens the door to poaching and trafficking of other species. It will not stop with them because it’s not a rhino problem, it’s a human problem.

2. In order to save the rhinos, we MUST work together. WE, as in, people. Rangers need our support, would-be-poachers need stable incomes for their families, and communities need incentive to support themselves and each other. And in order to “set the table” for this to happen WE, as in organizations and governments need to work together to support these efforts. More jobs, greater education=more rhinos and wildlife in general.


Dr. Rogers & team @HESC

Through support from donors like many of you, and working with other organizations I’ve realized there ARE people who care, and that rhinos need people. Perhaps the most humbling lesson has been a personal one, I need people.

If we, are successful, THEY are successful and in the end we all win.


Photo: Rhino Alliance






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Status Quo of the Rhino

Rhino bought,rhino sold
with promise of cure
to the wealthy and old.
Rhino hunted,poached rhino in kruger
rhino displayed
for trophies on walls,
for tour operators to be paid.
Poisoned, tagged,
stripped of horn
Under surveillance and guard
from the moment they’re born.
To trade, to hunt,
to farm, to breed
Oh the shame of it all
humanity’s greed.
Ranger vs poacher,
politican vs NGO-
fighting in the bush,
fighting the status quo.
Drones and poison,
armies, shoot-to-kill;
Is this enough
to fight a government with no political will?
By: Tisha Wardlow

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What Difference Will YOU Make?

In honor of Jane Goodall, who just celebrated her 80th birthday. ““What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” -J.G



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If Animals Could Talk

If the animals could talk, if only for a day
what would they tell us, what would they say

Would elephants lift us high and trumpet out aloud
applaud all humans and of us be very proud

Or would they all herd together and maim us, everyone
for all the suffering and abuse that mankind has done

What would the rhino say when he lost his life and horn
and the animals that had the pelts from their bodies torn

Would that battered and broken dog his master still obey
or would he hold a grudge and now his master repay

Would all the caged animals stand together and break out
go on the rampage and abuse at us shout

What would the great apes in our forests have to say
or would they just stare at us in a state of dismay

Don’t forget the dolphins and the creatures of the deep
and all those animals that in winter time do sleep

Would they forgive us for their suffering and pain
or would our pleas for forgiveness be completely in vain

If the animals could talk, it would make their plight seem real
then we may understand exactly how they feel

~ Shelley Seiderer ~

girl with elephants by robin schwartz

Photo by Robin Schwartz

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Elbows and Knees

For every act of injustice toward an animal, man is not far behind.

Rhinos, elephants, pangolins, and countless other creatures are on the brink of extinction. China, Vietnam, and Laos are some of the biggest culprits in their destruction; in the name of medicine.

In a previous post –Planet China: a World of Myths and Make-believe there is a phenomenal listing all creatures on China’s medical chopping block. This leaves many to wonder-what next?

The answer: humans. Apparently in a bit of information from an OSCAP (Outraged South Africa CItizens Against Poaching) member, human elbows and knees are now in demand for Asian medicine. There has been no mention as to what ailment this stands to miraculously cure, just an eerie and enormous step backwards for humanity.

mountains of elbows and knees

Carl Warner’s photo: ‘Mountains are made of elbows and knees’.

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