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Survivor and Mom..twice

Survivor of a brutal poaching

from Kariega Reserve 2012

Bringer of hope and life, becoming a mom

with daughter Thembi, Kariega Reserve, 2015


Defying the odds, birthing a second calf

with son, Colin, April 2017

Is there anyone who embodies what it means to be a mom more than the infamous Thandi? Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mothers Day

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Happy Mothers Day

Remembering the ones who have lost their mothers…

ntombi after


Celebrating the mothers yet to be…

thandi after


Praying for the safety and well-being of all the rest…

Give a shit about rhinos pic

A mother’s love and protection is the same for any species.

black rhino mom and baby


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All Creatures Great and Small: Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers areĀ  givers of life, necessary to everyone in any species.

giraffe mom and baby

cheetah mom and baby

orang mom and baby

meerkat mom and baby

ele mom and baby holding trunks

lion mom and baby 2

mama n babe

polar bear mom and baby 2

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