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Jimmy the “pet” rhino

In 2007, photographer David Hulme came across a baby black rhino near the body of his poached mother. He took the little orphan to family friends, Anne and Roger Whittall, in Zimbabwe.

They named him Jimmy. Incredibly, they successfully raised him, and he quickly became a part of the family, bonding with Anne and befriending the family dogs. Even years after he was released, he still came to visit them regularly.

Jimmy Rhino at dining table by caters news agency

Jimmy rhino at kitchen window by caters news agency

Jimmy Rhino still visits Carters News Agency

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Baby rhino gives Sudan new lease on life

The baby southern white rhino was abandoned by mom and found by the Ol Pejeta team when he was only 2 weeks old. Very sick and barely alive, he has made an amazing recovery with the help of caretakers.

Named Ringo, after rhino advocate Ringo Starr, he has been introduced to Sudan, the last male northern white rhino on the planet. The two make quite the pair. Click below to watch more:

ringo rhino opc

 Photo By: Camilla Le May Photography

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Shooting the Rhino Wars

The following is video from Sky News, who has been given access to behind the scenes work in Kruger National Park. The first 3 minutes show the grim reality of a poaching. After, there is more light-hearted footage of the “babies”.

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Baby Rhino on Webcam!

Best video EVER! Watch Gertjie the baby rhino LIVE in his boma as he naps, eats, gets silly and just melts your heart…in addition there are other animal cams to peruse.

Baby Gertjie LIVE wecam

baby gertjie


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Brighter Days for Suni

Suni with boot

At just a year and a half old, litte Suni the elephant has been through more trauma than most animals (or people) have seen in a lifetime. In April of 2012 she was found dragging herself along, after somehow surviving an axe attack.   No family to protect her and with wounds to her chin and a deep laceration to her back (affecting her spine and leaving her right hind leg paralyzed), it was a miracle she was alive!

Fitting Suni for the boot.

Fitting Suni for the boot.

Suni was taken to the Lilayi Elephant Nursery in Lusaka to recover.  After sustaining an infection in the spine wound and having  bone fragments removed, it’s hopeful healthy tissue is growing back and allowing for nerve repair and regeneration. With much attention and care, physiotherapy and wound management she has regained almost full use of the leg;  however there is still serious nerve damage and lack of feeling which causes her to turn over on her ankle resulting in swelling and pressure sores. It is therefore imperative that Suni’s leg is braced and supported to prevent her from causing harm to the limb.

With the effort and dedication of many, help was flown in from the US and Norway  to make a boot for Suni. This has been a successful endeavor and has helped her tremendously. She moves with ease and gives no indication of being in pain.

Suni and Zambezi

Suni and Zambezi

She shares a stable and yard with Zambezi, another elephant orphan; and she seems more relaxed as she has adjusted to her new environment. It is hopeful she will continue to recover.

WATCH: Suni taking a bath

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Joe the Pygmy Elephant: Animal of the Week

Joe trying to revive his dead mom.

Joe trying to revive his dead mom.

In the subtropical rainforests of Malaysia  14 Pygmy Elephants were found dead from poisoning. Among them, a 3 month old baby elephant was found nuzzling his dead mother’s body, trying to revive her. He was taken in by rescuers and is now residing in the Lok Kawi zoo near Kota Kinabalu.

Joe has received round the clock care, including being fed a special formula every 2 hours. He has formed a close bond with his keeper,  who is almost a surrogate mom for the infant.  He says Joe loves to suckle people’s’ thumbs just like a human baby, and despises bath time.

The orphan is active and playful, but it is too soon to know if he will make it. He was malnourished when found, and it is unclear how much poisoned milk he consumed. If Joe survives, he will stay at Lok Kawi along with 16 other orphans who would become his new family.

If he wouldn’t have been found, Joe would have remained at his mother’s side and died of starvation.

There is an ongoing investigation into the elephants’ poisoning,  it is currently thought to be from bait laid out to deter “pests” from nearby palm oil fields.

Joe playing with his keeper, his new "mom"

Joe playing with his keeper, his new “mom”

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