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Justice for Rhinos-PLEASE do your part!

With the recent tragedy at Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, the staff are doing their best to heal and pick up the pieces. There has been an outpouring of donations and support. Now we must be sure that justice is served. Please sign the following petition.

Justice for Thula Thula Rhino Calves


Even the outright horror of this recent attack hasn’t effected the South African governments intent to allow trade.

Although CITES is against it, evidence does not support it, and their so-called “legal” trade will only serve to fuel and mask the already illegal trade, Edna Molewa and the government are planning on going forward. Please sign this petition from the International Humane Society and voice your concern. This MUST not go forward!

Urge South Africa NOT to Trade in Rhino Horn

Keywords: stock, rhinoceros, wildlife, southern white rhino confirmed wild by iStockphoto 10/2013

Together, we must persevere in our pursuit of justice. Together, we must be the voice for the voiceless.


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Fed Up with the Justice System for Rhinos?

There’s a lot going on with poachers the last couple of weeks. As usual the justice system could use some “encouragement” to do their jobs effectively. It is crucial we join together in signing the following petitions. And for those naysayers who think petitions aren’t enough-go ahead and sit on your hands and let it pass you by. For the rest of you-take every opportunity to make your voices heard and save our rhino!

Remember the words of Dr. William Fowlds, ‘Make a commitment to do one thing every day for rhinos, even if it is just a tweet or a post – if not a day then a week’.

Time is of the essence-On Sept 29, Monday-Hugo Ras and his co-conspirators are counting on getting bail. They are confident they will beat the system as they have done before. These people are responsible for multiple rhino deaths.


Three SANParks employees were arrested for their involvement in rhino poaching. The ONLY thing lower than a poacher-someone entrusted with rhino protection who betrays them!


When the elusive poaching kingpin Chemlong Lemtongthai was finally apprehended and sentenced with 40 years, it set the precedent by sending a strong message of intolerance to poachers. Yet then it was reduced to 30 years. And now, an additional reduction was given of just 13 years! This is a slap in the face to rhinos and conservationists everywhere!


Please sign, share and let’s put these evil people where they belong-IN JAIL-away from rhinos, away from people.

jail not bail






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Remembering our Elephants

“You know … they say an elephant never forgets.
What they don’t tell you is, you never forget an elephant.” World Ele Day
On today, World Elephant Day, let us bow our heads and remember the gentle giants who have lost their lives to poaching. 100 a day, every day…

We pray for the safety of those who remain, and we will continue to fight like hell to stop the scourge of poaching from taking anymore.

Sign: Stop the Ivory Trade

Sign: Google-Stop Ivory Trade through your site


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Be Their Voice!

help me

Please take a couple minutes to peruse the following petitions. Sign and share, and share and share…our rhinos are counting on us. If you already have, THANK YOU, please share again.

Save the White Rhino by listing them on the CITES Appendix I

IUCN-Change the status of the White Rhino from threatened to endangered

rhino sunset goddbye


Petition to the Environmental authorities of AUSTRIA

Petition to the Environmental authorities of BELGIUM

Petition to the Environmental authorities of the UNITED STATES

Petition to the Environmental authorities of the UNITED KINGDOM

Petition to the Environmental authorities of GERMANY

Petition to the Environmental authorities of ITALY

Grace Mandela- help us save the rhino of South Africa

Saving rhinos is a global responsibility, please be sure to sign them all, even if it is not your own country.

Ban Endangered african animal trophy imports from Namibia

No coal mine near our Rhinos

makes a difference!





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A Few Minutes to Make a Change

poached rhino

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for it’s ivory.

Every day 2-3 rhino are slaughtered for their horns.

Please take a few moments to sign and share the following petitions to gain the attention of responsible parties. We MUST take a stand and speak up for their lives. The rate of poaching is NOT sustainable. They WILL run out of time if we don’t stop this.

Save the White Rhino by Getting it Back on the CITES Appendix 1poached elephant 2

Lobby the CITES Secretariat & the 178 Member Parties

Blood Ivory Campaign

Avaaz-Save the Rhinos

Stop Rhino Poaching

Protect Endangered Rhinos From Poacher Gangs

Ban Poaching of Elephants in Africa and China

Save Rhino Poaching in South Africa

every voice counts

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Corey Who?

Ever since the Dallas Safari Clubs auction to hunt a black rhino in Namibia, one man has become the face of this tragedy. His lust for the hunt has earned him both contempt from conservation advocates, and defense from hunters. Although he bears disdain for his action, he is one of many “thrill of the kill” hunters, who deserves no further mention.

Blaming Knowlton is like blaming a single roach for an infestation. They only come because the conditions are right. And they will continue animal trophiesto come unless the environment is changed.

We mustn’t lose focus on the big picture. Namibia offered this rhino up to be hunted, the US has no qualms of the trophy being brought back, and the Dallas Safari Club encourages it. This is  barbaric, unsettling, but legal.

The big concern and goal is to stop the practice of trophy hunting altogether. How?

In some ways this seems as grand and daunting as saying “I want world peace”. There is not a one step answer.  But it’s something that is necessary if our endangered species are to survive. It requires cooperation from all countries, one law at a time.

United States

Here in the US, it is LEGAL to buy and sell ivory within the country, AND to import ivory and horn via hunting trophies But the tide may be changing.

June 2013 President Obama gave an executive order to combat wildlife poaching. Recognizing the international importance on not only the effects on wildlife, but on national security, as illegal wildlife trafficking is within the top five world crime.

November 2013 The US Fish and Wildlife Service destroyed 6 tons of it’s ivory stockpile. 25 years worth of illegal seizures were pulverized in order to send a message of zero tolerance to poachers. As the second largest ivory market (behind China), this is an important step in the countries’ stance on wildlife conservation.

crushed ivory

US Fish and Wildlife Service involved in Denver, Colarado’s ivory crush.

January 2014 The state of New York held a meeting to discuss banning ivory within the state. Assemblyman Bob Sweeney wrote a letter imploring the Department of Conservation to prohibit the sale of ivory in New York.

“New York state must close the market that is driving the elephant to extinction and helping finance terrorism,” Sweeney said.

February 2014 The state of Hawaii just announced the House Committee unanimously advanced a bill to outlaw the sale of all ivory products in the state.

If this country is indeed on it’s way to a full ban of ivory, trophy hunting WILL be affected. As there would be no elephant trophies allowed into the country. And in this matter,  ivory is no different than horn. The same notion applies: preservation of wildlife and the poaching connection to international terrorism.

If the great thrill hunters cannot boast of their hunt with trophies on their walls, perhaps they will be less inclined to do it at all.

Sign and share this petition by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to urge the US Fish and Wildlife Service to stop allowing permits to import endangered species. Protect Black Rhinos from Trophy Hunting & the petition by Animal Advocates to the Secretary of the Interior Prevent Dallas Safari Club from Importing Rhino Trophies

rhino and baby at watering hole


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Rhinos Lost

crying bl and wh rhinoNovember, 2013

Poaching continues. 825 rhino lost.

Please get involved! Sign petitions. Get the word out-make it a water cooler topic at work. Participate in a fundraiser or make a donation.

Please sign the following petitions:




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Everyone Can Do Something

put yourself in rhino

Tell people what is happening.  Right now as we drink our coffee, watch tv, drive to work-our rhino are being slaughtered.
Spread the news:

  • rhino are poached for their horn because it is highly desired in Asian communities
  • many in Asia believe the horn cures medical ailments; which is NOT true
  • there are only 22,000 rhino left in Africa
  • Every day 3 rhino are killed
  • they usually suffer a long, painful death and poachers leave the babies orphaned
  • this is devastating to people as well, since it threatens tourism, and the poaching money funds terrorist and criminal groups.

Sign petitions:

*Support Anti-Poaching efforts in for rhinos

*Support Funding for Anti-Poaching education

*Say No to CITES lifting the ban on rhino horn trade

*Save the Rhinos

Make Donations:

Any of the links on the left side of my blog are reputable charities who do great things for the rhino. Whether it’s geared toward anit-poaching tactics, helping the orphans survive or educating people on poaching and the medicinal myth of the horn, they all appreciate any amount you can mange.


For those of you fortunate enough to have the financial means, there are many reserves and sanctuaries who welcome volunteers to work with them on conservation efforts, rehabilitation and research.  Here are a couple: Enkosini Eco Experience   or    Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit

“Never doubt that a small group  of  thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has .” -Margaret Mead

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