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A Rhino Kind of Love

Lions are majestic
Elephants have a certain grace,
But I prefer the shorter pachyderms
with the stoic face.

Cheetahs are poetry in motion
Zebras-a fixture on the veldt,
But it’s the fur-lined “lily” ears
that make my heart melt.

Rhinos are gentle giants
self-assured & wrinkled with attitude,
there are none quite so impressive
both in crash or solitude.

From the tufted tail
to the tip of that impressive horn,
I pledge my loyalty
to Africa’s unicorn.

-Tisha Wardlow



photo: Francoise Malby Anthony

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Waiting Game

ranger in tall grass

photo: unknown

Broken laces,

Thin soled boots

Uniforms worn as second skin.

Rifle at ready

Watching, waiting, listening

Time ticks

As silence invites to be broken.

Night’s campfires can’t warm,

Day’s heat smothers like a thick blanket

Minds wander, sleep beckons

Time ticks

Yesterday a success

for death found neither

ranger nor rhino and

life resumes.

Will tomorrow bring the same?

The hours will tell

Time ticks

as shift draws toward a close.

Back home families wait

and wonder.


By Tisha Wardlow


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“I am the voice for the voiceless; through me the dumb shall speak.  Till the deaf world’s ears be made to hear. The wrongs of the wordless weak. And I am my brother’s keeper, and I will fight his fights; and speak the words for beast and bird. Till the world shall set things right.” -Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Tisha & Doppsee

Today, on Earth Day thank you to every person who works toward making our world a better place.
For every act you do to save nature, you are in fact saving the world, and yes, all the cynics in it.











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Christmas Dreams

Peace love and rhinos

I’m dreaming of a peaceful Christmas

even if the moon is full.

I’m dreaming of a cloudy night and starless sky

for the rangers down below.

I’m dreaming of the light of change

To fill the darkest of a man’s heart,

With compassion and wisdom

Before the killing even starts.

I’m dreaming of a silent night

Where the vets don’t get that call,

Where both rhinos and people can sleep soundly,

For peace to creatures one and all. 

                                                   by: T. Wardlow

To all rangers, vets, caretakers, and our supporters-

Merry Christmas!



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Status Quo of the Rhino

Rhino bought,rhino sold
with promise of cure
to the wealthy and old.
Rhino hunted,poached rhino in kruger
rhino displayed
for trophies on walls,
for tour operators to be paid.
Poisoned, tagged,
stripped of horn
Under surveillance and guard
from the moment they’re born.
To trade, to hunt,
to farm, to breed
Oh the shame of it all
humanity’s greed.
Ranger vs poacher,
politican vs NGO-
fighting in the bush,
fighting the status quo.
Drones and poison,
armies, shoot-to-kill;
Is this enough
to fight a government with no political will?
By: Tisha Wardlow

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If Animals Could Talk

If the animals could talk, if only for a day
what would they tell us, what would they say

Would elephants lift us high and trumpet out aloud
applaud all humans and of us be very proud

Or would they all herd together and maim us, everyone
for all the suffering and abuse that mankind has done

What would the rhino say when he lost his life and horn
and the animals that had the pelts from their bodies torn

Would that battered and broken dog his master still obey
or would he hold a grudge and now his master repay

Would all the caged animals stand together and break out
go on the rampage and abuse at us shout

What would the great apes in our forests have to say
or would they just stare at us in a state of dismay

Don’t forget the dolphins and the creatures of the deep
and all those animals that in winter time do sleep

Would they forgive us for their suffering and pain
or would our pleas for forgiveness be completely in vain

If the animals could talk, it would make their plight seem real
then we may understand exactly how they feel

~ Shelley Seiderer ~

girl with elephants by robin schwartz

Photo by Robin Schwartz

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Attention: Writers and Artists

I’ve seen many talented people out there with pieces on rhinos, elephants and making a statement about poaching. I would love to showcase some of your work here on Fight For Rhinos. If you are interested, please submit poetry and drawings, etc to

This is an open invitation and there is no deadline. If your work is selected, I will inform you via email.

Keep up the great work people! Rhinos need our attention! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got 😉

happy rhino


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“Say a Prayer for the Rhino”

Say a prayer for the rhino: it’s coming again,
evil is stalking, seeking its prey,
full moon silhouette, giving her away.
Say a prayer for the rhino that she may evade.

With the night so long and the moon,
so bright
she’s aware of the sounds, footsteps so light,
she senses a demon…stalking her ground
closing so slowly, there’s danger inbound.
Hide the horn, burying her face,
look around, there’s no hiding place.

Where is little one?gifafrica
Scared running around
taps against belly
once Mom is found.
The fright, the scurry
the loudness, the sound!
Run baby run…
make your feet pound the ground.

So she’ll bolt and she’ll plunge in a headlong charge
at the upright two legged poachers at large.
And in the moment of loss and the panic of flight
acacia will break, more sounds in the night.
Fright empowered feet imprinting the clay,
each small sign gives her path away
for the evil following her in its gunsight this night
may bring to an end, another Rhino’s might!

Where is the little one?B n W rhino n babe
Scared running around
no taps against belly
no Mom is found.
The fright the scurry,
the loudness the sound!
Run baby run…
make your feet pound the ground.

As the Roller Bird ceases singing it’s song,
and the Oxpecker flies screaming alarm,
he binds himself to his mother’s speed,
as she seeks the cover they desperately need.
They’ve gone into the shadows,
they’ve gone into the night,
avoiding the expanse of the open plateau,
they find cover and silence their fright.
Say a prayer for the Rhino…,
Alive…, for one more night!

By: Guy P. Murdock & Jim McIntosh

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To the Moon

If I had a superpower
I think I’d like to fly.
I’d bring the rhinos to the moon.
I’d plant fields of grass,
make lakes of the craters
where at night they’d all commune.
No more orphans,
huge rhino crashes
with horns taller than the trees.
Poachers out of business,
trade debate moot,
joke’s on the Chinese.
The world would think
them extinct,
another failed conservation endeavor.
While I could finally
sleep soundly at night
knowing the rhino is safe forever.

By: Tisha Wardlow
rhinos on moon 2

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My mum loves me for she keeps
me close as I play in the sand and scrub
in the tall savannah grass.

I drink from her when I am hungry,
she gives me shade when the day
is hot and she keeps me warm next to her when
the night grows cold.

I am not afraid of the dark,
for me and mum share the sunset
and share the rising sun just as we share
in adventures that we alone
know the story of.

Let no animal get too close,
for I will prove to her that I can protect
us both just as well as she does me.

For I am a brave little rhino
and there is no one fiercer than me.

By Philip Wardlow
Rhino mom n baby

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