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The Clock is Ticking

January 7, 2013

4…FOUR rhinos slaughtered already, only seven days into the year. As I sit in my warm house,
a continent away these creatures are living every second in peril. Poachers have brought these
animals to the brink of extinction. Yet they can’t be solely blamed.

It’s a matter of what people value. We live in a throw-away, impulsive society. Everyone wants
the quick fix, the immediate answer. The greedy value the almighty dollar more than their own
lives, certainly far more than the life of a rhino. And the desperate value the supposedly
medicinal fix from the horn. With the demand from China growing, the cost on a rhino’s head is
growing as well-currently $65,000 a kilo.

Rhinos have existed for 50 million years, yet in just the last 30 years, 90% have been wiped out.

2012 was the deadliest year for the rhinos with reports of 633-668 killed in South Africa alone.

Ridiculous, insane, but this IS real. This is a worldwide tragedy. How many of us see the
big picture? How soon before the rhino is extinct? And the scary question-who’s next?

rhino graphic 2

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