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Endangered Africa

2 cheetah

There are only approximately  3,600 Black Rhino left in the wild.  But they are far from the only endangered species in Africa. I was going to tell you about all the others until I realized there are actually 221 mammals , 174 birds and 48 reptiles that are endangered on the world’s second largest continent. So let’s start with the endangered species on the savanna:
*African Elephant
*Grevy’s Zebra
*African Wild Dog
*Reticulated Giraffe
*Rothschild Giraffe
*Black Rhino

Habitat destruction is one of the primary causes for their endangerment. The expansion of human communities, deforestation, global warming, mining operations, oil spills, and slash and burn agriculture are all contributing factors to this. For example,  humans infringe upon the territory shared by lions, cheetahs, hyenas and African wild dogs; then  as the lowest predators in the chain, the wild dogs are forced toward the villages.  Humans then kill the dogs as a protective measure.LYCAON PICTUS

Poaching is wiping out the Black Rhino and Elephant, and every animal listed is a target for canned hunts. Factor in global warming which is contributing to climate change; i.e. droughts,  and it’s no wonder these majestic beasts are barely hanging on.

Although not technically endangered, the lion, white rhino, and giant anteater are not far off; being listed as Threatened.
(The difference being Endangered: Any species in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.
Threatened: any species likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future)

Can you imagine an Africa without Lions and Elephants? It’s time  for government to step up;  harsher penalties for poaching, making canned hunts illegal, and most importantly preserving areas for wildlife. Safaris are big business in Africa; it would be an economic disaster NOT to protect the animals.grevys zebra

You can help. Please view and sign these petitions, as well keeping an eye out for the many others that are out there:

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