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Sparky, Bebrave and Long Playing

sparky the eland

Sparky watching the rhino release from the truck.

Modern families aren’t always born, but made. In Zimbabwe’s Lowveld Rhino Trust, three orphans united together to make their own family composed of an eland and two black rhino.

Bebrave the rhino was initially alone after his mother’s poaching. To minimize his stress he was introduced to Sparky the eland. The two were companions living together for many months before being  joined by Long Playing, another rhino.

The trio was set to be released together back into the wild, since they had all been together for over a year. At the release point, a quiet watering hole, the rhinos ventured off together. After Sparky was released, a group of wild eland came by the area and Sparky has not been seen since. It is thought he joined back up with his own kind.

Hopefully this is a happy ending for all three.

bebrave water hole

Bebrave and Long Playing walking off into the bush after release.

Photos: unknown

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Extinction is Forever

Gone rhino

     Do you remember the story of the dolphin caught in a net who lost his tail? He was fitted with a prosthetic one.
People banned together to make it happen. They even made a movie about it.

What about Prada the pitbull who faced euthanasia? Her life was saved after an outpouring of public support.
There were multiple petitions. I signed one, actually I probably signed a couple.

It’s uplifting to see people come together, especially to rescue the helpless or injured creatures of the
world. In fact it renews my faith in humanity.

But what about when the survival of an entire species depends on us? What do we do? When does someone come
running to help then? We are witnessing the intentional annihilation of a species. The extinction of the rhino
is 100% preventable. We brought the Bald Eagle back from the brink of extinction. We’ve done this before, we CAN
do it again. The more of us who KNOW, the more of us will CARE. When we care, we can act upon it.

Incase any of you still wonder “Why should I care if an animal in another part of the world goes extinct?”, let me tell you. Firstly the rhino is an “umbrella” species, meaning the survival of their species effects other species, and the ecosystem.   Destroying them will start a domino effect in the environment. Secondly we have a moral responsibility to our planet, as well as to future generations.  WE brought them to the edge of extinction, it is OUR duty to bring them back. And lastly when they’re gone, who’s next?  What other species will we destroy?

If you’re still reading, hopefully you’re caring. So the next question is
What can I do?”

#1 Look for petitions to tell “the powers that be” we will not stand by and let you murder these magnificent creatures. There are tons of petition sites online. You’d be hardpressed to NOT find one. (I would be all to happy to send you some on your email. You only need to ask:)

#2 If you go on safari (or any trips involving animals) share your concern with the travel agency. Be sure not to give tourist dollars to any groups or communities supporting cruelty.

#3 Donate to conservation efforts when you can. I have listed a few of my personal favorites on this site, but there are many others.

#4 Be aware of what you buy. As a consumer you have an immense impact. For example: Nutella is made from palm oil. Demand for palm oil is leading to loss of habitat and destruction to the orangutans.

#5 Probably the easiest thing: spread the word! Rhino horn is NOT medicine, rhinos are endangered and close to extinction.

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Feeding Baby

BBC host bottlefeeds baby rhino

BBC host bottlefeeds baby rhino

To watch the video go to:

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Thandi’s Story

Thandi found poached.

Thandi found poached.

Thandi recovered.

Thandi recovered.

Amidst the hundreds of rhinos slaughtered in 2012, one rhino beat the odds. Her name is Thandi.

In early March of 2012 three rhinos were found poached in the Kariega Game Reserve. One immediately
died. The remaining two made it through the night. The survivors-Thandi (meaning love) and Themba
(meaning hope) were tended to with intense veterinary care.

Unfortunately after 24 days, Themba died.

Thandi lived. She fought a long, painful battle, but miraculously recovered. She lives without a
horn, without her companions, but she lives with hope. Perhaps the one thing that almost killed her
(having a horn) will now be her salvation.

To follow more about Thandi’s story go to or

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The Clock is Ticking

January 7, 2013

4…FOUR rhinos slaughtered already, only seven days into the year. As I sit in my warm house,
a continent away these creatures are living every second in peril. Poachers have brought these
animals to the brink of extinction. Yet they can’t be solely blamed.

It’s a matter of what people value. We live in a throw-away, impulsive society. Everyone wants
the quick fix, the immediate answer. The greedy value the almighty dollar more than their own
lives, certainly far more than the life of a rhino. And the desperate value the supposedly
medicinal fix from the horn. With the demand from China growing, the cost on a rhino’s head is
growing as well-currently $65,000 a kilo.

Rhinos have existed for 50 million years, yet in just the last 30 years, 90% have been wiped out.

2012 was the deadliest year for the rhinos with reports of 633-668 killed in South Africa alone.

Ridiculous, insane, but this IS real. This is a worldwide tragedy. How many of us see the
big picture? How soon before the rhino is extinct? And the scary question-who’s next?

rhino graphic 2

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