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Merry Christmas Rangers: Please take a moment to thank them!

Rhino Friday holiday

While we’re eating turkey and opening gifts around a tree in our cozy homes, rangers are standing guard in the bush ready to fight. These men and women put their lives on the line every day to protect our rhinos and elephants from the evil clutches of poachers.

A few months ago, there was a letter writing campaign to “thank a ranger”. What better time to do it again, than at Christmas!Please take a moment to give them hope and inspiration. Let them know how much they mean!

Please go to the SANParks facebook page and post your messages of support and well wishes for the holiday and the new year.

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Thank You

As this time of the year draws near, it is a time to come together and celebrate. “Merry” this, “Happy” that, presents, food, family. But it’s not really that easy.

Admittedly I am a bit of a grinch. I find it hard to celebrate when people are struggling, animals are in pain, and there’s no easy solution to any of it.

Yet, putting things in perspective I suppose maybe it’s just about gratitude; recognizing what you have, and what you’re thankful for. In that light, these are the things I couldn’t do without:

1) My husband (who rubs my feet, is a fabulous cook, and helps with technical difficulties)

2)My friends, especially my ‘animal friends’, who understand how much animals mean to me and know why I need to save “just one more”.

3)My mom (for taking me along to Kenya-my dream destination, and for being my mom of course)

4)Rhinos (Especially Emi, the Sumatran who brought them all to my attention)

5) The Rangers who put themselves on the line every day to keep rhinos and elephants safe.

6)My health (it seems to be here at the moment)

7)Animal advocates, conservationists, veterinary staff, and anyone who devotes themselves to animals-Thank You All-it would be a lonely world without you!

8)President Obama for taking a stand against wildlife trafficking. (Don’t get political on me people-we have to take our victories when they come!)

baby with attitude n momThank you all for recognizing the awesomeness of the rhino and especially for caring about them!!!

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