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We Remember…

Two years ago on the Kariega Game Reserve three rhino were poached. Two of them survived the initial attack. One was the infamous Thandi, the other died a few days after-that was Themba.

They were tended to by Dr. William Fowlds, the dedicated, tireless soldier who is absolutely invaluable to our rhinos.

We remember you Themba, we salute you Dr. Fowlds. We will continue to fight for all rhinos.

For more on Themba and Thandi, see the previous posts: Themba’s Legacy Lives On,  Thandi’s Story,  Thandi’s Progress

Fight for Rhinos and Helping Rhinos are proud to support Dr. Fowld’s initiative, the Rhino Protection Agency. Please consider making a donation (see donate button on the left of this page).

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Themba’s Legacy Lives On

In early March of 2012 three rhinos were found poached in the Kariega Game Reserve. One immediately died. The remaining two made it through the night. The survivors-Thandi (meaning love) and Themba
(meaning hope) were tended to with intense veterinary care.

Thandi, after a long recovery, survived. Unfortunately after 24 days, Themba died. (See earlier post: Thandi’s Story)
The story, however, doesn’t end there.miracle baby

Almost exactly a year after the poaching of Themba, his daughter was born. She is yet unnamed, but is doing well. Ironically,  her mother one of Thandi’s closest friends on the reserve.

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Elephant of the Week: Themba

In 2008 tragically an elephant fell down a cliff in  the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. Two days later, she died. Her orpahaned baby was unable to nurse from others in the herd so rangers took him in. They named him Themba, which means trust.  The  Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre rescued him and spent 2 years rehabilitating him to return him to the wild.

While Themba was at Shamwari, he befriended a sheep named Albert. They formed a strong bond taking walks together, taking dust baths, even both snacking on the elephant snack of acacia pods. They were fierce friends to the depth that Albert became protective and would not allow any others to join them; with one exception. They once accepted a baby giraffe into their friendship.

Unfortunately two years later, near the time of his anticipated release into the wild, Themba became ill with severe colic. Despite intensive treatments, Themba went into a coma and sadly died on Friday morning, 5th February 2010.

However during his short time here, he gained fame from his odd kinship with Albert, bringing much needed attention to his species and their survival.

Themba & Albert

Themba & Albert

Themba & Albert munching acacia.

Themba & Albert munching acacia.

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