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Last Chance Lovers & Fighters!

Sunday, August 9 is the final day for our Limited Edition “Lover & Fighter” tees. ALL proceeds benefit our rhino conservation projects like Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, and the Black Mambas APU.

Tshirt meme 2


The perfect gift for the rhino lover in your life! Available in 2 styles, multiple colors.

Tshirts 4 color


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Limited Time Summer t-shirts for Rhinos

The winning design for the summer tees is here!

Available in 8 colors and two designs-find the one you love. $19.99 USD per shirt. 100% of all proceeds go directly to our rhino conservation projects.

Buy Now!

Tshirts 4 color


Tshirt meme 2

Our current projects include: Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, the Black Mambas APU, Game Reserves United, and Vision Africa Wildlife.


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Vote for your favorite!

Rhino tee lover and fighter

Tev rhino tee logo


rhino tee dsign

1-Kids image one


1-kids image two


Winning design will be featured on our summer tees! Vote for the tee you want to wear. Voting ends on July 7th. Share with your friends.

As usual, all proceeds from the tees will directly benefit our rhino conservation projects.

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Design a shirt for Rhino Awareness

 It’s time to kick off summer with a Fight for Rhinos t-shirt campaign. What would you like to see on the shirts?

                             Get your designs and suggestions to us. DEADLINE has been extended to JUNE 30TH.

rhino cartoon

Send us YOUR designs. We’ll post the entries and leave it up to all of you to decide. The design with the most votes will be used on our summer  t-shirts and the winner will receive one of the shirts. Contest open to all ages.

Keep in mind it should be eye-catching and not overly detailed.

Please send your original design to Deadline is June 30 . We’re excited to see what you come up with!



Rhino Alliance

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Last Call!

Wow! Our Support Rhinos and Rangers campaign is a success!! We’ve exceeded our minimum goal and so far there will be a dozen tee’s sent to Kenyan Rangers.

Thank you-each one of you who have made this a success!

There’s still time if you haven’t got yours! They make great gifts for the rhino lover in your life.       Hurry-sale ends tomorrow-the 14th.


FFR T both views

get a shirt

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Endelea Kupigana for Rhinos

There is always an overwhelming amount of “doom and gloom” in the war on rhino poaching. The numerous articles about the corruption, the short or non-existent jail time for poachers, shootouts between rangers and poachers, and of course the dreaded death toll; watching it climb, holding your breath when you turn on the computer, praying it somehow hasn’t gone up; it can bring a soul to the depth of despair.

It is the reality. It is life and death, day in and day out for our rhinos. It is not going to get better tomorrow or next week. But the hope is it WILL get better.

rhino by alfred


Some of you occasionally comment about feeling discouraged, and ask how you can help. My answer is: “Don’t give up. The rhinos need us.”

It may seem bleak at times, it’s a hard battle to be a part of, but without you, me and the countless conservation groups, veterinary staff, ranches, rangers, and advocates, where would they be? The poachers and politicians would have decimated them long ago.

The motto of Fight for Rhinos is “Endelea Kupigana“. It is Swahili for “Keep Fighting”.

I will never give up on them, but I can’t do this without all of you.

Here is how you can help-

Support Rhinos & Rangers: the campaign

Very shortly, Fight for Rhinos will be selling t-shirts. The profit will benefit the Fight for Rhinos/ Helping Rhinos field projects. (see: How We Help)

In addition, we want to help lift the morale of our rangers in Kenya Wildlife Services. (The amount of frustration we feel is a fraction of what they face on the ground-they LIVE it!) For every 5 shirts sold, we will send one to the KWS rangers. We’d like to send as many as we can!

The campaign will only be available for 3 short weeks.

Please keep your eye out for our release. Helping rhinos, rangers, and getting a cool shirt-you can’t lose!

rhino and baby help us



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