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World Rhino Day 2016

When is World Rhino Day?

September 22nd

What’s the point of World Rhino Day?

Recognizing and appreciating rhinos, particularly through raising awareness to the imminent danger they face. The poaching crisis and illegal wildlife trade very possibly could mean the end of their species.

What can you do to help ensure a future for rhinos?

*Spread the word that rhinos are in danger! Poaching is a serious issue that is pushing rhinos toward extinction. Use #WorldRhinoDay to talk about the poaching crisis.
*Support rhino conservation through donations.

Share the following:






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World Rhino Day 2015

Back stateside, after 2 weeks in the bush… we learned so much, met fantastic people with great minds and passion for wildlife, and were able to re-focus as we looked into both current and new strategies in our part in the poaching war.

Starting off in the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) , Fight for Rhinos sponsored the dehorning of one of  two poaching survivors, and personally sponsored the other. They are well cared for and coming along nicely in their rehabilitation.


Lions Den & Dingle Dell, poaching survivors at HESC before the dehorning. Photo: Fight for Rhinos

We left HESC feeling satisfied and productive after meeting with such professional and experienced people. As we arrived at the airport, a chopper flew low overhead. A moment later we heard of a possible poaching.

A feeling of dread set in, mind racing, as we wondered about the rhinos we had just seen, both in the Centre and in the bush. Was it one of them?

Unfortunately, being anywhere in Africa it seems wi-fi is spotty at best. It was a couple of days before we heard that not just one, but FOUR rhino were poached in Hoedspruit.

Funny that it should matter being there, as opposed to hearing about it from behind the laptop. But emotion doesn’t often make sense. And sitting in the airport, I felt like we should have been able to help them somehow.

It took some time to shake that feeling, it weighed heavy on me. But having so much further to go, so many more people to meet, I tried to focus on the rest of our agenda.


White rhino in the Kruger area. Photo: Fight for Rhinos

Thankfully there were many parts of our visit that brought us hope. Veterinary staff, APU teams, guides and rangers alike helped shed light on their needs, their vision, their eagerness to push forward and protect the rhinos.

A member of the HESC team touched my heart as she gifted me a bottle of Rhino Tears wine (the purchase of which supports rhino conservation). I immediately decided if it made it’s way home unscathed by the airlines, we will not be indulging until the poaching crisis reaches a turning point. It sits in my kitchen as a reminder of what’s still left to do.

So as we celebrate another World Rhino Day, we’re really celebrating another year with the existence of rhinos in the wild. Another precious year, another chance to get it right.

We appreciate your support, and look forward to sharing our new strategies and plans soon. In the meantime, keep sharing, tweeting, and raising awareness! Together we will keep making a difference.


Looking forward to turning the tide, and finally tasting the wine.




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Looking to the Future on World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day mom and babe

With 790 rhino poached this year, 2014 is on its way toward topping last year’s death toll. With the shadow of corruption within the national parks and government looming large over the fate of rhinos, it is difficult to feel optimistic about their future.

Yet, there are bright spots to illuminate the darkness.

World Youth Rhino Summit

Over 100 future conservationists (15-17 years of age), are convening at the first World Youth Rhino Summit  focused on the rhino poaching crisis. The demand for horn, and loss of rhinos affects countries across the world, not just in South Africa. The aim of the summit is to plant the seed of conservation in future rhino ambassadors throughout the globe.

world youth rhino summit 2

Over 140 delegates come together in the iMfolozi Game Reserve to address the poaching crisis and discuss resolutions.

Rhinos Without Borders

The initiative started with a successful translocation of 6 rhinos from South Africa to Botswana. Since then, Rhinos Without Borders is looking to move 100 rhinos to safer areas. With the future of the rhinos at stake, this move serves to increase the geographical spread of the rhino population throughout southern Africa, as well as introducing a new gene pool into Botswana. Translocation will be pivotal in the preservation of the species.

rhinos without borders

Previous translocation from Rhinos Without Borders and & Beyond.


Our beautiful, resilient, soon-to-be mom will remain the ambassador for her kind. She is and always will be an inspiration to keep us all going! We’re all waiting with bated breath for her to give birth sometime this December.


WATCH: Latest video of Dr. Fowlds visit with Thandi

And as always, Fight for Rhinos and Helping Rhinos will continue putting our all into the best options we can find in assuring the future of these magnificent creatures. Currently, that includes  *Reserve Protection Agency       *Game Reserves United       *Ol Pejeta Conservancy                      *Project Rhino Track      *Stop the Demand Campaign

We CAN turn this around, but we need you! Please donate if you can.












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Talking to Kids About Rhinos

The killing of our rhinos is a tragedy that most adults have a hard time coming to grips with. So how do you explain the crisis to kids? The following books are true stories based on the lives of two wonderful little rhinos. They are available on Amazon, and benefit rhino charities. Chizi's tale

Chizi’s Tale: 100% of the proceeds benefit TUSK

one special rhino

One Special Rhino: All proceeds benefit the International Rhino Foundation

In honor of World Rhino Day, coming up on Sept 22, please print these free rhino coloring pages, and as your kids enjoy coloring them, tell them about our majestic rhinos and how special they are. By the way-if you take a moment to scan them and send to, we’d love to share ’em!


rhino and baby coloring page 2

Rhino coloring page 1

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Doppsee’s Day

For World Rhino Day, I spent the day with Doppsee and the staff of the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Mi.Me n Dop

Doppsee is one of the two black rhinos there. (See previous post: In Love with Jello)  Unlike my meeting with her roomie Jello, she is quite affectionate and seemed to enjoy the attention.

In addition to educational centers and a scavenger hunt, the zoo gave tours, allowing visitors what was probably a once-in-a-lifetime privilege of being up close and personal with a black rhino. It was dually educating and entertaining for adults and kids alike. Of course it was the most fun watching the kids’ faces light up when they saw Doppsee.

DSCF1686They learned about Doppsee’s favorite treats (peppermints and peanut butter), how she has learned basic training in order to have vet checks done, and most importantly how endangered her species is.

It is this kind of awareness that may help edge our rhinos closer to survival. The more they know, the more they care, and want to help.

The proceeds from the tours will benefit the International Rhino Foundation.

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As long as there are rhinos, we will keep fighting. There is still hope! Spread the word-the world loses 2-3 rhinos every day. They are killed for a myth-their horn is NOT medicine! Stop the demand, stop the slaughter.

baby and mom 3



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How Will You Celebrate World Rhino Day?

Sunday, September 22 is World Rhino Day.

save the rhino world rhino dayMost of us aren’t going to be wearing the “Save the Rhino” costumes and holding signs on Sunday, but we CAN do something. So what will you be doing on World Rhino Day?

Visit your local zoo. Many of them are hosting events and activities to involve children and adults alike; from educational opportunities to tours of the rhino bomas.

Sign and share petitions.

Share articles and blogs (Fight for Rhinos is a good one 😉 ) to raise awareness. Tell everyone who will listen about the fight for their lives, about the questionable future of their species.

If you are able to, donate to one of the trusted organizations who work tirelessly to save them. Any of the links listed on the left of this page are reputable groups. It’s an expensive job, without regular income to help them.

Our rhino need us. Together, with hope and perseverance, we can make a difference.  Endelea Kupigana!! (Keep Fighting!)

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