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Rhino Poaching Finally Has Zuma’s Attention

It took president Mr Jacob Zuma seven years to visit the Kruger National Park to experience the devastating effect of rhino poaching first-hand.

Although Zuma had been in Kruger before, this weekend was the first time he was there for the sole purpose of familiarising himself with the extent of rhino poaching and the efforts being undertaken to curb the massacre.

Conservation experts are concerned that government is not doing enough to curb poaching. Zuma tried to put the critics at ease, saying that he personally came to Kruger “to demonstrate the highest level of commitment by South Africa to address this challenge”.

zuma meeting with rangers

Zuma met with ranges in Kruger.

On Sunday, he witnessed the darting of a rhino cow for the purpose of relocation, visited a rhino-poaching crime scene, partook in a wreath-lying ceremony for SANParks rangers, unveiled the Joint Operations Centre (JOC) and addressed communities bordering Kruger, urging them to put a stop to the pandemic.

The president was taken to a scene where a rhino had been poached about three days prior. The media didn’t accompany him on this leg of the trip.

“Kruger is the epicentre of the poaching crisis and there are up to three incursions per day. It is clear that the fight we face is huge and brutal. Earlier today I witnessed first-hand the magnitude of this challenge.”

“Many of you may know who the poachers are. You may know someone who has been offered money to kill an elephant or dehorn a rhino. You may have been approached to undertake such an activity. By blowing the whistle you are not only protecting the species, but also the legacy of your children and grandchildren.”
“Let’s work together to promote and protect our animals. Together, let’s move South Africa forward,” Zuma concluded.

We have been calling on President Zuma to step up and show some real interest in protecting our rhino. I see this as a positive move – we have nothing to lose but to thank him, encourage him and urge him to continue to give the plight of our rhino his best attention.
Please consider dropping him a message via this link provided:
Thank you so much fellow ‘rhino warriors’ – our voice is all we have to urge those in a position to actually do something, to do so – every voice counts – thank you for speaking up for our rhino !

via Ayesha Cantor

white rhino mom and baby with birds kruger AP photo

White rhinos in Kruger. AP photo

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Call for Presidential Protection for Rhinos

jacob zumaThe South African Presidents office has called on us to let him know what we would like to hear him say during this weeks State Of The Nation address.

Protecting the world’s largest wild rhino population rests heavily South Africa’s shoulders. Respectfully let President Zuma know it’s time to stop brushing poaching under the rug. A little political will would go a long way!

Tweet  your suggestions to @PresidencyZA #SONA2015

Go to The Presidency South Africa and submit your comments under “contact us”.


international rhino





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Got 99 Problems but the Rhino Ain’t One rhinos

As rhino activists hell-bent on their survival, it’s difficult to understand that out of all countries on the Earth, why South Africa isn’t more involved in their salvation? The majority of all rhinos survive there, so it would seem logical for them to be more proactive.

But, looking more closely at the country and government itself, they are plagued with pressing issues.


As with many African countries AIDS is a perpetual concern. The SA HIV/AIDS rate is at 17.8% (one of the highest in the world) 2 million South Africans have been killed by it.

aids sa graph 2014



The country has a two-tiered education system. There seem to be few good schools; and those are fiercely competitive and expensive, assuring only the wealthier children a good education.

In 2013 although 78% of public school students passed their final, 31% had grades good enough to qualify for universities. The rest are faced with an uncertain future as unemployment runs high.


The current rate of joblessness stands at 24%. Youth unemployment (under 25) stands at a staggering 65%!

A decade ago, a person with a high school degree had a 50 percent chance of getting a job. Today, that figure is 30 percent. According to South Africa’s Labour Force Survey, for the last quarter of 2013, two-thirds of all unemployed South Africans were under the age of 35.

SA unemployment

SA’s unemployed look for jobs.


From the crisis of unemployment and education, poverty is born. The division between rich and poor is one of the widest in the world. Although SA is not as stricken as many African countries, 4 million people are living at or below the poverty line.


The cities of Maseru and Cape Town have the distinction of being on the 10 cities with the highest murder rates list.

The overall murder rate in the nation is 31.9 per 100,000 people, 30 times that of Great Britain. For police it’s 51 out of 100,000. For farmers, who are overwhelmingly white, the rate soars to 99 out 100,000.

And that is part of another issue-the racial divide. The attacks on South African farmers make it twice as dangerous to be a farmer than a police officer. While the government has argued that there is no evidence of organised attacks, white farmers believe these attacks are evidence of a campaign to drive them off their land.

Zuma/Political Corruption

The extent of all of these economic and human issues, as with any country, is controlled by its leadership. There is no Mandela in South Africa. There is only Jacob Zuma.

zuma and wife in dc

Zuma with one of his wives in front of the White House for the US Africa Leaders Summit.

Zuma is a president who seemingly spends more time and money on his own interests and family than on the people of the country. Suspicions are he has spent tax payer money on his private home improvements and additions, totalling approximately $23 million dollars.

He has fanned the flames of racial division, and has had charges of corruption, fraud, rape and unethical conduct brought against him. They all seem to eventually get dropped. Yet the level of distrust remains.  Is it any wonder with a man whose middle name, Gedleyihlekisa, means “the one who laughs while he endangers you”?

Zuma recently told a US audience that Israel and Palestine should take advice from South Africa about resolving their violent conflict. Although at rally parties he sings and dances to his signature song, “Awuleth’ Umshini Wami,” or “Bring Me My Machine Gun.”

And in the middle of it all-THIS is where our rhino resides.

sabi sabi rhino

Although there is always hope for change, let’s face it- our rhino is NOT the priority to the SA government. It is not something South Africa can tackle on it’s own. It will take a global effort to fight and win this war.

Petition: President Zuma & Minister Molewa-Stop all hunting of Kruger Nat Parks Big Game










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